Apple delays HomePod release to early 2018

“Apple said on Friday that it’s delaying the launch of its HomePod smart speaker until next year,” Todd Haselton and Sara Salinas report for CNBC.

We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers. We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018. — Apple Inc.

“The HomePod was originally announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June,” Haselton and Salinas report. “It’s priced at $349.”

“The HomePod was originally scheduled to ship in December ahead of the holiday shopping season,” Haselton and Salinas report. “Apple did not provide a specific reason for the delayed launch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unfortunately, this is par for the course at Tim Cook’s Apple.

$268.9 billion in cash on hand. Still can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they only have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget. — MacDailyNews, April 4, 2017

Yes, we want Apple to ship products when they’re ready. We also want them to ship products when they said they were going to ship them and, most especially, not miss Christmas.

Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs

Luckily for Tim Cook, Steve Jobs left him a perpetual profit machine that can absorb pretty much any lackadaisical fsckatude that can be thrown into the spokes.

We can almost see the smiles of the Amazon Echo and Google Home execs from here.

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  1. What!? Scrap this project. If you miss this holiday gift season APPLE HAS LOST this market. Google & Amazon will dominate & you will never catch up. BIG mistake. HUGE!

    1. Apple lost the market a year or more ago. Siri sucks on an iPhone, why buy it on an stationary puck?

      Even if you are into lo-fi music rental, all there pucks look like a waste of money for anyone who has a proper hifi and a current iOS device with AirPlay.

      Apple hasn’t skated to where the puck will be since Cook took over. It’s a true laggard in just about all things except the bloody iPhone. If Apple can’t tie you to a subscription or a walled garden store, Cook won’t put any resources into it.

  2. Remember when Apple Inc had a CEO who, either through outright fear, the will to succeed or by his vaunted reality distortion field inspired it’s employees to go those extra miles to make possible the impossible, to tirelessly progress forward until a vision was achieved to completion and very often by deadline?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    I remember too.

  3. This is a case of damned regardless of the direction. If Apple had shipped a profoundly flawed product, the results would be the same; critics will be critics irrespective. I’m looking forward to the product, but I would rather wait for an adequately baked product. My money will still be green in 2018. My Echo Dot is nice, but it’s not fully baked, and Alexa is stupid.

    1. Apple promised December 2017 release. Are you suggesting Apple lied about the realease date? Are you suggesting Apple was OK to release an unfinished product then, after reconsideration, thought otherwise? There is no good spin, fanboy. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver – period.

  4. Typical useless griping at MDN and armchair CEO’ing.

    No other tech company manufactures at the scale of Apple with the quality of output. No one comes close. You have to compare Apple more with a car company, or an airplane manufacturer like Boeing.

    It’s easy to forget that when Steve was CEO, he made many mistakes, and of course, when he did ship on time, it was due to his COO, that logistics wizard Tim Cook. Oh I guess the critics conveniently forget that.

    One also has to keep in mind that when Steve was alive, Apple did not manufacture at their current scale, and Apple had fewer major products. You can’t just throw money at a complex project and magically have unlimited capacity. Even with all of Apple’s resources, their manufacturing partners have finite capacity, and it does take time to bring a new product to market.

    As others have wisely noted, I’d rather have Apple wait to get it right rather than rush a flawed product to market.

    As to the critics, when you run a company and make stuff as good as Apple at the scale they do, then I’ll listen. Until then your criticisms have absolutely no credibility.

    1. Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs

      Read that over and over again until it sinks in, wade.

      The most vocal Apple fanboy on planet Earth cannot defend the indefensible. Cook is certainly no artist and supply chain genius, my arse. He is too busy being distracted by bling & fashion and playing SJW, just to name two.

      “Apple did not provide a specific reason for the delayed launch.”

      No reason was given, that’s right, NO reason was given. So, your SCALE defensive arguments are wishful thinking at best with no credibility as to the ACTUAL reason behind the delay.

      Since I don’t know anything more credible than you do, my guess is half-baked software and lame Siri integration. As a conductor, it is obvious with each passing year Cook simply CANNOT keep the trains running on time. Sorry, Apple apologists everywhere — the reality is painfully OBVIOUS.

      Now, anyone care to guess the product that will be delayed for Christmas 2018? Place your bets here ladies and gentlemen, place your bets … 🎲🎲

    2. Wade orders a fatwa against anyone who criticizes Apple. I don’t know if that’s hilarious or pathetic. You know, Wade, you really shouldn’t self-identify with Apple, it will only destroy your peace of mind and your ability to grow as a mature adult.

  5. As I have said before the 5 guys would probably have shipped. Because it is really hard to get 20,000 people to work efficiently on 1 product. All of Apple best and ground breaking products were don by small focused team of Pirates.
    Some examples.
    Apple 1 (1 Guy)
    Apple II (Mostly 1 Guy)
    Mac (Small Team)

    1. Chris, you are 100% correct.
      BIGGEST failure!!!

      Steve Jobs – Announce, Release, Financials in ONE quarter.

      Tim Cook – Announce in Q2, Miss release for Q3/Q4, Delays, Fruition Q1 the next year, Financials a year later.

      Tim has 3 critical failures here:
      1 – Time to market
      2 – Meet demand
      3 – Understanding how the quarters are different and how to work them properly..

  6. Another Tim Cook Failure.. one of MANY… and WHY he needs to step aside. Remember when I said he should GO a year ago? This WEAKNESS will repeat itself often. NOT a fan of Tim as the CEO.

  7. No surprise I called it the day of Apples event.. Sad, so few products and they cannot manage to these few. Just goes to show you money means nothing. All those billions and still can’t get a product out on time.. Btw, I have almost all of them still embarrassing. Apple should not even announce a product until they can ship orders they are just incapable of pre-announcing anything properly.

  8. Thre is NO WAY I’d buy this Home pod. In a few years apple will discontinue it as they do with many of their little hobbies. If they can abandon the Mac, the homepod or any other gadget is doomed. The whole Homekit hobby is dead before it all started.

  9. I think it’s too early to chime in on criticism. After all, we don’t know the cause of the delay. It may we’ll be a component from a 3rd part supplier that has created the delay and Apple may be protecting them from an unreasonable stock market overreaction by publicly naming them.
    It might also be that there is some overlap in manufacturing resources on iPhones and HomePods (hint: the SoC) and priority is being given to the product that delivers the most profit as any good CEO would do.
    With any luck it’s due to a last minute feature inclusion or upgrade or even a blockbuster content partnership.
    In any case, waiting for an almost perfect launch of a premium audio product is far better than the can of shit that would be opened if a subpar product was released on time.

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