“Microsoft recently announced an updated version of its Surface Pro line of tablet/notebook computer hybrids,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Among other improvements, the new tablet line includes Intel’s seventh-generation Core processors, which offer significant performance and power efficiency improvements over the sixth-generation Core chips found in the previous Surface Pro 4 tablets.”

“Microsoft also couldn’t help comparing the performance of the new Surface Pro with Apple’s, claiming that it offers ‘1.7 times the compute of iPad Pro,'” Eassa writes. “Microsoft also said that the new Surface Pro delivers ‘35% more battery life than an iPad Pro.'”

“The reality is that Microsoft’s new Surface Pro isn’t going to be competing with Apple’s current 9.7-inch iPad Pro for most of its life in the marketplace. Instead, it will have to compete against the upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro that’s expected to launch at Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference next month,” Eassa writes. “The new iPad should include an all-new applications processor, which may be called the A10X Fusion… [along with a] new 10nm chip manufacturing technology, which should help boost efficiency. I suspect that the computing performance of the new Surface Pro will look a lot less impressive next to the upcoming new iPad Pro than it does against the current, aging iPad Pro models.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Always the last one to know that they’ve lost.

A “tablet” with an identity crisis is not the future… If Microsoft were really sure of themselves in Jobsian fashion, they would have devoted all of their efforts to Windows RT/ARM tablets… iPad will continue to offer the only known quantity in the market, the only true “tablet” with any real developer support, and the only one with a massive and vibrant ecosystem (both hardware and software).

Apple’s iPad is the only tablet into which any sane person or business would ever invest their hard-earned money. If your company ever buys Microsoft Surface tablets – either of them, but especially Windows 8 Pro/Intel ones – get your resume ready. You’re stuck at a place that’s prone to making horrendous decisions and is hopelessly mired in the past.

As if they needed it, Microsoft’s “Surface” debacle is even more good news for Apple.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 19, 2012

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