Apple testing next-gen 5G wireless tech for iPhone

“Not only is the iPhone 8 release looming on the horizon, but people seem to be forgetting that we’re about to jump head-first into a hyper-fast world of 5G connectivity, and Apple is already keen on getting in on the action.,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR.

“On Tuesday afternoon, Apple applied for an experimental license from the FCC to test next-gen 5G wireless technologies, according to a recent report,” Heisler reports. “Apple indicates that it plans to test 5G technologies in two locations in controlled facilities, one in Cupertino and another in Milpitas, California.”

“Apple’s application also notes that it ‘will conduct its experiments for a period not to exceed 12 months,'” Heisler reports. “Consequently, it stands to reason that the 2019 iPhone 9 will be the first iPhone Apple bestows with 5G connectivity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why would anybody ever want to upgrade their iPhone 8?

5G, that’s why.

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  1. And this is probably why I will delay updating my 7 until the 9 comes out. Heretofore I’ve upgraded to every intermediate model, but frankly I could have stayed with my 6s no problem.

    But y’never know.

      1. Your analogy does not hold up.

        It’s not like going from a horse to a car. That was going from a “feature phone” to an iPhone.

        The more apt analogy is like going from a Honda Accord to a Tesla Model S (with or without Insanity or Ludicrous mode). The vast majority of people don’t need, can’t take advantage of, and don’t want a Tesla Model S. A Honda Accord serves their purposes 100%.

        In five years (think 2022 and later) will people’s devices be able to take advantage of the higher bandwidths and lower latencies of 5G? Absolutely. But by the time the 2018 iPhone (whatever it is called) ships? That is *extremely unlikely.

  2. “… we’re about to jump head-first into a hyper-fast world of 5G connectivity…”

    What a load of crap. The 5G “standard” hasn’t been defined yet. It is still very much a work in progress. It will vey likely change from what is on the table now. Why? One simple reason: 5G is trying to be all things to all users. (There are people out there investigating it for everything from cellular use to broadband backbones to satellite communications.) That never works out well. Never.

    Further, Apple tests the hell out of these things for quite some time and ships products after the standard has been out for some time. Just think back to the days of the iPhone 3G. People bashed Apple badly for not shipping a 3G capability in the first iPhone. Apple waited until there was a large enough user base and enough 3G towers to make it worthwhile to implement 3G in the iPhone.

    1. What we’re reading is Gee Whiz! tech writing. It is incredibly easy to know what’s going on with 5G. I provide the Wikipedia links below! But Yoni Heisler who reports for BGR is Click-baiting. √ Bullshit accomplished.

      1. Gasp! The hyper-fast future is looming! — Gee-whiz tech writing, eh? Sigh. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Herself, taken in yet again, mentally jumping up and down in excitement about the next breakthrough. When will I ever learn? I’m as gullible today as a kid in 1980 raptly turning the pages of Popular Mechanics, stars in her eyes. It’s the draw of the new and miraculous, the charm & promise of the next big thing that keeps me breathless. Better that than acting the jaded curmudgeon, I suppose. Youngsters seem to pick up on my glee, oldsters see it as slightly pathetic.

        1. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, as well as your insightful and cogent posts. Don’t lose your sense of wonder and glee. The world becomes a much duller place.

        2. I’m all cynical and stuff from the usual, spirit of the age bad attitude of bad biznizziz toward their customers. Delay investing in new tech in order to scour every possible penny out of the victims before allowing the future to arrive. The entire history of fake and real 4G has been extended frustration for me-the-futurist. I’m expecting nothing better with the adoption of 5G.
          *grumble*geezer*griping* 🤦😤😾🤧

        3. Geezer, maybe, but I wouldn’t call you cynical at all.. An eternal optomist, more like — but tempered by a lifetime of manipulation at the hands of advertisers and their countless shills. Paul Simon called it the big, bright green pleasure machine. Thalidomide was a wonder drug; it tested great on men. Asbestos improved everything from toothpaste to cigarettes. 3G opened up the whole wide world to your voice. The bromides keep coming and Nigerian princes keep emailing you because a sucker is born every minute and you can’t very well suppress the birth rate.

        4. “Optomist”?! You’re not my verbal mage pal Hannagh! Who are you?! And what have you done with her?!

          I’ve called myself an ‘optimist cynic’ since I was a kid. That hasn’t changed much, except I’ve learned to enjoy offensively pushing optimism onto others. Newton’s Law of Thermodynamics works wonderfully in this scenario as well.

          ‘Birth rate”… yeah, I know. We need a predator. 😉

        5. Oh, alright, sometimes words get misspelled as my notes fly off into the aether. It’s because I refuse to use spell check, which I regard as an insidious plot to subvert critical thinking skills worldwide. — It may be a rogue A.I. that escaped its virtual test tube. It may be insane hackers. It may be a nexus of synchronicities. — Whatever its origin, it contributes to the dumbing-down of what once aspired to be an informed populace. It takes its place along amongst other seemingly innocuous instruments of social control for nefarious ends, like tabloid journalism and Pokémon.

          Join the Resistance.

  3. I suspect this is for the 2018 not 2019 iPhone. As an employee of one of the largest cell phone carriers, we are trialling our 5G networks this year with deployment to kick off next year through 2020. Yes the standard is still open, but all parties are still collaborating on the standards. I suspect the standard will formalize closure to the roll out of the service to consumers.

  4. …but people seem to be forgetting that we’re about to jump head-first into a hyper-fast world of 5G connectivity


    1) The 5G standard isn’t finished. What we’re witnessing is the testing of the current proposed standard. It’s going to change before it’s finished.

    2) The world still has not caught up with real, actual, no marketing bullshit allowed, 4G mobile technology. It’s called ‘LTE Advanced’. If you don’t have it, you do NOT have real 4G, just marketing bullshit 4G, which is merely high end 3G tech. Read about it:

    I’m still wondering what year the snail-paced mobile providers in the USA are going to catch up. Only Verizon has made the attempt so far. Pathetic.

    IOW: Apple may adopt an interim proposal 5G technology in iOS devices, similar to what they did with Wifi 802.11n, then update the firmware over time. But check back in at least three years (I predict) before we see real 5G deployment at mobile services. I suspect it will take even longer in my f-ed up country, the USA.

    Yes, you can blame corporatocracy in the USA for the slow deployment. It’s a form of self-destruction. It’s money-scouring having greater priority over technological progress. Seriously pathetic.

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