The biggest iPhone leak ever won’t bruise Apple

“Apple will announce its latest iPhone on Tuesday (technically three iPhones, including the new high-end iPhone X), but you can find out practically anything you want to know about it already,” Brian Barrett writes for Wired. “That’s thanks not to the usual rumor mill but to the leak of the “golden master” version of iOS 11, which details key, previously unannounced iPhone features, and indicates new versions of the Apple TV and Apple Watch as well.”

“As leaks go, you can’t get much more severe,” Barrett writes. “For a company that prizes itself on secrecy, the leaks to Apple enthusiast sites 9to5Mac and MacRumors are especially worrisome in that they were deliberate. This was no iPhone left at a bar, or firmware accidentally posted; the BBC confirmed that an ‘anonymous source’ passed along the download URLs that contained the keys to the upcoming iPhones’ system. Apple-watcher John Gruber suggests, more specifically, that an Apple employee pulled it off.”

“Infuriating, yes. Embarrassing? Sure. Injurious? A little, maybe, if you’re slated to present at Apple’s main event Tuesday, with your best talking points showing up on the internet a few days early,” Barrett writes. “But despite the magnitude of the leak, Apple won’t feel any impact at all.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Exactly.

We, those of us here at MacDailyNews and our dear readers, are a small, small minority who follow Apple closely (in our case, and in the cases some of our longtime readers, obsessively so). The rest of the world will find out at the event and via the media barrage that follows. We have some (most) of the details now, but it won’t negatively impact Apple’s sales at all. If anything, these leaks help to build up the buzz for the next-gen iPhones, Apple TV, Apple Watch, etc.

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  1. I look at this a lot like the hack that leaked the script of the season finale of Game of Thrones. As a fan of the show, I didn’t WANT to ruin the last episode, so I avoided every story that talked about plot points.

    It’s the same with tomorrow’s event. I enjoy watching along with thousands of other Apple supporters as new tech is introduced. I don’t WANT to spoil the surprise, assuming there actually is one.

    I’ve avoided every article about the leak, and wouldn’t THINK about downloading an OS from anywhere but Apple.

    (BTW, I’m with Derek about loving the head-on-the-stick. Especially deep-fried at the county fair. Yum!

  2. We don’t know the full story concerning the cameras and their capabilities, and we don’t know if they will introduce the Apple Neural Engine in the iPhone X, so there is still some drama.

  3. Speaks volumes of the change in culture at Apple since Jobs passed. Pathetic excuse for leadership. A kinder gentler Apple who, instead of going thermonuclear on an adversary, will instead quietly go about their own business….

  4. Start slamming-back black espressos nonstop at 6 am, don’t slacken for a instant!…the only recipe to survive Pipeline’s “Ode To Narcolepsy” keynote without succumbing to a glazed-eyed, brain-numbing coma.

    Be strong Young Jedis, Big Brother Himself addresses The Great Unwashed: “An Homáge To Morpheus.”

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