“Recently, Tim Cook gave multiple interviews on Apple’s commitment to protecting their privacy,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “This is part of their DNA that Steve Jobs instilled in Apple’s leadership since he came back in 1987.”

“Because of Apple’s business model, which focuses on products like the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, they are not reliant on ads to grow their business. This allows them to deliver a highly secure and private experience to those who buy and use their products and services,” Bajarin writes. “Given the problems that Facebook is having and how it, Twitter and Google can only make money through ads, perhaps it is time for Apple to create their own secure private social network.”

“A secure private social network from Apple would give anyone that uses it an ad-free, highly private social network that would allow them to interact with their friends unfettered by ads of any type,” Bajarin writes. “Without ads, Apple is not scraping their data, and people would be free to share things between each other without any fear of Apple or anyone else ever seeing anything posted other than the people a user allows to view their site through a friend confirmation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, obviously and, further, under management with even a modicum of foresight (as opposed to management that’s just fine selling a five year old computer as new and who’ve so lost the plot that they felt the need to assemble an internal focus group to figure out what Mac professionals want on the desktop) Apple’s “Community” service would exist already.

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