Should Apple create a social network that doesn’t abuse, but protects user privacy?

“Recently, Tim Cook gave multiple interviews on Apple’s commitment to protecting their privacy,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “This is part of their DNA that Steve Jobs instilled in Apple’s leadership since he came back in 1987.”

“Because of Apple’s business model, which focuses on products like the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, they are not reliant on ads to grow their business. This allows them to deliver a highly secure and private experience to those who buy and use their products and services,” Bajarin writes. “Given the problems that Facebook is having and how it, Twitter and Google can only make money through ads, perhaps it is time for Apple to create their own secure private social network.”

“A secure private social network from Apple would give anyone that uses it an ad-free, highly private social network that would allow them to interact with their friends unfettered by ads of any type,” Bajarin writes. “Without ads, Apple is not scraping their data, and people would be free to share things between each other without any fear of Apple or anyone else ever seeing anything posted other than the people a user allows to view their site through a friend confirmation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, obviously and, further, under management with even a modicum of foresight (as opposed to management that’s just fine selling a five year old computer as new and who’ve so lost the plot that they felt the need to assemble an internal focus group to figure out what Mac professionals want on the desktop) Apple’s “Community” service would exist already.

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  1. So you want Apple to resurrect Ping or buy LinkedIn from Microsoft?

    Apple can’t even manage the train wreck that iCloud is now. Stop pretending that a company that outsources its online storage to Amazon and Google can pull off a seamless network.

    1. Thank you for speaking truth. iCloud sucks compared to Dropbox or OneDrive. I use those instead of iCloud. The only thing I even use iCloud for is for storing my photos, that is all.

      Let’s face it people, Apples current leadership under Cook sucks. It’s like the new Microsoft. I don’t ever say the “It just works” phrase anymore because my pc friends have way too much ammo to shoot me with because of all the problems Apple has had the last few years.

      1. What an insipid comment. Your PC firends? What would they know better at Apple-eco system? What do they have to compare it to? As a whole? Hardware, software, design, usability, support…

        BTW, my ipad 2(2011) is in sync with my iphone 7 and rings when I have a call. 7 years down the line.

        Show us an example in the pc world with 7 years old support. They barely make 2…

        The monster that is Apple now is so much bigger than you might imagine… Keep reading, less ranting.

        1. Agreed. Tired of the clueless ranting. If I want to spend my time inundated with ignorant Apple-bashers and Tim Cook haters, I know where to go. Unfortunately, I find quite a bit of it right here.

          1. Well I’m with Mike on this one. ICloud does not work for me. Device management is infinitely easier when using one’s NAS than Apple’s server rental.

            Ever tried setting up your own server? It is easy and cheap. Hell, Apple even sold Mac Mini servers and had good server management software before Cook actively destroyed it. Now you have to use non Apple hardware but the results are faster more secure and 100% private. Perhaps it is you who is clueless here?

        2. Windows 7 (service pack 1 2009 Edition) my computer at work. Autocad, Navis. etc….Total crap except for working inside those programs….You would want to own it.

  2. I don’t think it would be likely to successfully pitch the idea in such a way that average users will properly understand. Just look at DDG – comparatively few people know about it, how it doesn’t track users and why it shouldn’t.

    If Apple or anybody else were to create a new social media network, all the commentators would compare it to FaceBook and point out all the things where it doesn’t equal FaceBook.

    The information about privacy is already widely readily available, but comparatively few people seem concerned about how their personal data is being expiated commercially or politically. Too many people simply see free services and time after time we see that cheaper is chosen over better.

    I’d like to see a privacy respecting social media site, but regrettably I can’t see any way that it’s going to gain traction.

    1. You’re comparing Duck Duck Go to the world’s richest company. Not bright.

      All of the smart people with money would be on Apple’s social network within days, sapping Facebook etc. of all of their premium customers upon whom they rely to keep ad rates up.

    2. People who WANT a social network, by default, do not want privacy. I think there’s a growing number of people that are vaguely aware of “privacy” and think they should be “concerned” about it. But, show them a worlds where they are NOT having hundreds of random people (or bots) liking their every post and they would quickly realize that privacy is not as important as their personal validation.

      Given that, it just sounds like another clickbait article that’s derived from something they read some lesser known blogger write last week 🙂 It’s not even about wether or not Apple should, they can’t, and no one can, build a secure social network. It’s like running a “Free range” prison, the two ideas just don’t align.

    1. “Geez Wilbur….
      Do you think they’ll let me join?”

      Sure you can join, until they find you’re Conservative, then they’ll ‘Shadow Ban’ you as the big believers in the 1A they claim to be.

      No, Apple, we have enough Social Networking to show idiots who like to tout “that’s not who we are as a people”. I can tell you who we are as a people in one word – Sewage!

      Twitter @Jack claims to want a Civil War 2.0? As the schmuck he is, he’ll be hiding behind all his Wall Street Billions and resurrecting the old adage, Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight!

    1. Ties right into my thought –

      With any amount of privacy, people will be complaining about this “private FaceBook” like they do about Siri being an underperformer.

  3. probably not possible to have an ‘unfettered social network’ as long as elite social justice warriors possess the authority to ‘correct’ the injustice of freely expressed thought and opinion when it ostensibly runs counter to their own world view

    1. It is easy to read between the lines on your post, and your bias is showing. True “social justice warriors” believe in free speech. It is the moneyed elite who use their wealth to buy eyeballs, steer the national focus, create false narratives, and promote opinion over fact – all to gain more power and money and reshape the world according to their viewpoints.

      I am far more concerned about the closely held multimedia giants like Murdoch than I am about social justice extremists.

  4. If commenting here on MDN and a few other sites is social media, then I’m on it. Otherwise, never been on that other mess, facespace, stupid wha’s it called? The egoist one… about trying to get a job. I don’t want ary stinkin’ job. Sounds too much like work. I don’t mind work. Can sit around and watch it all day.

  5. NO. Apple should concentrate on getting out hardware.

    Where’s the MacPro? Mini?

    There is a big problem if a computer manufacturer can’t manufacture computers.

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