“If you’ve got the time, and really need your beefy computer running macOS, than you should build up your own hackintosh,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “Installing macOS on non-Apple-branded equipment violates its EULA. So you really do have to hack a little to get everything running smoothly. This also means that right out of the gate you won’t have any technical support from Apple or any recourse if it starts blocking your system from its cloud services.”

“That said, many an enterprising system builder has put together a hackintosh, and it’s not that hard to build if you’ve got a free afternoon,” Nield writes. “Building a hackintosh is much easier than you might suspect. And there are plenty of great reasons to give it a go. Below are five good reasons to invest the time and effort in building a hackintosh, together with some pointers for getting started.”

1) You can control the spec
2) Apple’s slow update cycle
3) Your current Mac machine is flagging
4) You can build a system for a purpose
5) You might learn something along the way

It’s all in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple’s management were competent enough to have modern, up-to-date Mac Pros on the market, this article wouldn’t be here.

At this point, it’s been a ridiculous 3 years, 9 months, and 18 days and counting since Apple’s last Mac Pro update.

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