5 reasons to build a Hackintosh (and how to get started)

“If you’ve got the time, and really need your beefy computer running macOS, than you should build up your own hackintosh,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. “Installing macOS on non-Apple-branded equipment violates its EULA. So you really do have to hack a little to get everything running smoothly. This also means that right out of the gate you won’t have any technical support from Apple or any recourse if it starts blocking your system from its cloud services.”

“That said, many an enterprising system builder has put together a hackintosh, and it’s not that hard to build if you’ve got a free afternoon,” Nield writes. “Building a hackintosh is much easier than you might suspect. And there are plenty of great reasons to give it a go. Below are five good reasons to invest the time and effort in building a hackintosh, together with some pointers for getting started.”

1) You can control the spec
2) Apple’s slow update cycle
3) Your current Mac machine is flagging
4) You can build a system for a purpose
5) You might learn something along the way

It’s all in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple’s management were competent enough to have modern, up-to-date Mac Pros on the market, this article wouldn’t be here.

At this point, it’s been a ridiculous 3 years, 9 months, and 18 days and counting since Apple’s last Mac Pro update.

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  1. Build a hackintosh for the fun of it.

    Don’t rely on a hackintosh for your business. Those biatches becomes a PC when they’re alive. You need to maintain them from the root up and be carefull when os upgrade comes down the corner.

    I gave up, because I’m a creative type and not a pc hardware freak. It felt sooo good when I got back into stability. Never going back. Don’t have the time.

  2. I did this last year for Christmas. I helped a young man build a hackintosh and a pc. It was a kick. It was easier than you might think, but definitely ore difficult than walking into a store and buying a computer. I recommend it to parents and kids, especially girls. When they look at that computer, it won’t just be something you bought for them, it will be something terribly cool that you made together.

  3. Four reasons why this market exists:

    1. Soldered ram (Unable to upgrade your computer’s memory.)
    2. Way Overpriced ram and solid state storage options.
    3. Mac Mini is terribly out of date. Apple use Intel Nuc!
    4. Mac Pro is terribly out of date.

  4. My son in law is an IT specialist for one of the major hospitals here. Just yesterday I was discussing this with him, and in about ten minutes he had a list of parts totaling about $1200 that would give me an i7, 4 drive bays, 16 gb, 500gb EVO, a 6gb graphics card. All in a mini-ATX box.

    He said he could have it put together this weekend.

  5. Oh, the good ole days when I could open up my G4 sawtooth, add a new drive and max out the memory in an instant. Or like I did and upgrade the processor.

    Oh, yeah it didn’t say Mac Pro on it and cost 10x more then a comparable PC.

    What we need is a Consumer level TOWER, that you could customize to your own needs. Maybe a couple of graphics cards, monitors that I want and not dictated by apple.

    I don’t one an all in one computer with a larger foot print the a monitor. I want my tower to be under a desk or some other out of the way place.

    I don’t want to pay $7k for some overprice “PRO” version.

    Now they are going to be selling overprice iMAC “PRO” for $5k and up.

    Just sad of what apple used to be. It’s sad that other companies can do it , without the HUGE price tag and have to call it “PRO” to justify the price.

  6. I got tired of waiting for Apple to get a clue. I built an AMD 1800x, 2x1080TI 64 GB SSDs etc for £3700. Of course I have to run Windows but Apple’s management incompetence forced me in this direction.

    I needed a computer for 3d rendering with GPUs and this was the only real option as boneheaded Apple insist on foisting AMD on their high end users. I paid probably half what Apple will charge for their Mac Pro.

    I own 2 Mac Pros, iMacs and MacBook Pros and would’ve loved another Mac Pro but Apple have dropped a massive bollock not just with the computer design but also dropping OpenCL and moving to Metal for compute and expecting developers to switch on a dime. Many colleagues in 3d either have already moved to PCs or are in the process of moving for these reasons.

    Good luck trying to find anyone to buy those Mac Pros in 2018 or even 2019 whenever you get round to releasing them.

    1. Same here, after 20 years on Mac, I’m also fully on windows now.
      I also just bought a windows workstation for GPU rendering.
      As for my hand drawn illustration work I moved years ago to windows.
      First the Wacom Cintiq Companion, now on the Mobile Studio Pro.
      I love these machines.

      As an observation:
      Today when im working in a coffeebar i see lots of people with macbooks on facebook or using ms word. The creative guy drawing (that would be me) is using windows.
      Just saying…

  7. I’d rather learn Glass Blowing and make a Crack Pipe than to turn a PC into a Mac. Why would I want something that cannot match performance, stability, and more important, user experience of my MacBook Pro. 4 Cores is enough for me … if I ever want 18 cores then I’ll take $1200, go in the Garage and rebuild a 57 chevy.. something people can see! Nothing worse than to go to some geeks house and everyone is in his bedroom to see how fast his PC/Mac is now. But he don’t even know how to use Photoshop or Powerpoint.

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