Apple CEO Cook ramps up pressure on Facebook, calls for more regulations on data privacy

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook has called for stronger privacy regulations that prevent the misuse of data in the light of the controversial leak of Facebook user information,” Bloomberg News reports. “Cook called for ‘well-crafted’ regulations that prevent the information of users being put together and applied in new ways without their knowledge during a session on global inequality at the annual China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday.”

“His comments will ramp up pressure on Facebook Inc. and other technology companies that rely on the huge reams of data gathered from billions of people to power their products, services and sales,” Bloomberg reports. “‘I think that this certain situation is so dire and has become so large that probably some well-crafted regulation is necessary,’ Cook said after being asked if the use of data should be restricted in light of the Facebook incident. ‘The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are, who their contacts are, things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life — from my own point of view it shouldn’t exist.'”

“Cook said his company had long worried that people around the world were giving up information without knowing how it could be used,” Bloomberg reports. “‘We’ve worried for a number of years that people in many countries were giving up data probably without knowing fully what they were doing and that these detailed profiles that were being built of them, that one day something would occur and people would be incredibly offended by what had been done without them being aware of it,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately that prediction has come true more than once.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some regulation of both Facebook and Google is obviously long overdue.

Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain English, and repeatedly. I’m an optimist; I believe people are smart, and some people want to share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of your asking them. Let them know precisely what you’re going to do with your data. — Steve Jobs

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  1. You are only as strong as the weakest link of the chain, but Apple pouring in research to make a device that cannot be broken into and that makes privacy what it should be is a strong link.

    Make it so Apple, the world is depending on you.

      1. I guess it’s pretty hard to stay on topic and keep the insults at bay when you have the stars and skid marks shoved up that far. The Up Sore Ass, Up Sore Ass, Up Sore Ass is a nice chant though.

        1. the topic you deflected from is your butt buddy citizen x liking your post and since both of you are obsessed with a-holes you make the perfect pair

          1. I don’t know citizen x and I may have deflected from the topic, but you fail to even address the topic whatsoever. Ironically you brought up the asshole comment and try to deflect the obsession onto me.

            Again, total failure to address the issue but that comes as not surprise, considering the assessment of your leader.

            “Because we’re so stupid.”

            Donald Trump

            1. More attacks without proof, and nothing about the topic at hand, just one insult after another. So amusing you sure are a great representative of your country. And do you know why?

              “Because we’re so stupid.”
              Donald Trump.

            2. because road scum is so sanctimonious stupid proof? yeah your brain if you have one is deficient and denial does not change facts because you are dishonest

            3. You come out of the blue, go on about me being a butt buddy with citizen x without any proof and I add that no, and you try to pass it off as fact.

              Plus nothing zip nada on the topic at hand.

              You are just here to insult me. Go ahead, do your patriotic duty, after all it’s the directing of your leader.

              “Because we’re so stupid”
              -Donald Trump

            4. Road Warrior: there is a psychotic troll on MDN that does nothing but attack others who don’t worship fürher trump. So deranged is goeb that he accuses others rather than explain, with data, why he thinks his opinion has more merit than anyone elses. One thing that is true is that the trump fanbase uses no facts or data. Attack and repeat parables, that is their level of sophistication.

              That being said, Road Warrior, you’re also standing on thin ice. Your incessant negative message ignores that the majority of Americans are not selfish right wing zealots. America offers more foreign aid, more volunteerism, and more charitable merits than any other nation. So tone down your haterade and develop a complete view, first by learning to separate the orange haired idiot administration from the hundreds of millions of Americans who are actually good people.

            5. Finally an intelligent post, thank you Canada rocks — but the USA isn’t evil.

              My first post here under this topic is on topic, not insult was intended to anyone. I know that the majority of people from Apple’s home nation are decent people but if I get attacked I’ll defend myself as best I can.

              I hear all this stuff about the greatest, the most generous, the most free country and constantly without any reference. More foreign aid, more volunteerism, more charitable merits, sounds really good, but where is your reference?

              Now I took a peak and I picked up a list from the world giving index, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Switzerland are the top 5. Then comes Apple’s home nation. See it’s referenced. I’m sure there are other lists and one can look at per capita generosity, or overall and have a nice civil reference discussion about it. That’s the real fun in coming here discussing ideas.

              So the ice is cracking, bold, chest thumping from those from Apple’s home nation going on with being the best the greatest and so on, without any reference and when I try to bring up a reference, it gets trashed. Simply put, it’s not civilized conversation. I sure hope that’s it is temporary situation, because Apple’s home nation yes it used to be so great.

              Once again, my comments about Apple’s home nation are towards the government but seriously 15 years in Iraq? Torture? Come on that’s not part and parcel of a civil nation. That’s the idea, it’s not meant to be a personal insult it’s a call to civility.

              At any rate, thanks I much prefer a decent exchange of ideas that are on topic and privacy is one that I will speak out on, though I don’t find it a reason to become insulting if someone disagrees with me.

              Thanks for your input, I will try to curb my behavior but for the record when I make my first post on a topic I aim to keep it on the topic at hand and if insults come out of the blue I will defend myself as best I can because I like MDN’s idea of avoiding the ad hominem attacks and keeping to the topic.

  2. The stench of hypocrisy is suffocating. Apple complies with China’s ‘well-crafted regulation’ to F’ its citizens. Facebook is scum, but they make no secret that your statements are shot into the public. If you’re surprised that your public Facebook statements are being mined, the problem isn’t with Facebook or regulations, it’s with you. That’s the deal, you get their service for ‘free’ in exchange for them owning your every post. This is just a bunch of people desperately trying to find someone to blame and further evade responsibility for their own actions. Wahhhh, the bad FB stole all my banal thoughts I plastered out to the entire world and mined them. Pathetic.

    1. Hypocrisy, sure, there is plenty to go around.

      But you went off the rails when you imply that disclosure occurred. People can trust companies and groups that provide full disclosure and take an opt-in stance with their users: the end user must be informed and have final say.

      Facebook, and scum like the Mercer-backed Cambridge Analytica, proovides no disclosure of the data they steal. FB does have a misleading and confusing little user settings panel, but the user choices we now know are basically ignored.

      Earlier in this week’s series of Facebook and Cambridge articles, the usual trump fanboy club attempted the “everybody is doing it” defense by falsely equating the 2012 Obama campaign with the Trump 2016 data theft. It might have been compelling until somebody posted the home page of Obama’s page. It had a disclosure and told users who paid for the app.

      Transparency versus Theft.

      Yes regulation is necessary of the internet. Every ad should be required to list the names of the funder, the producer, and the reference to all data sources used in ads. It is not too much to ask, this is 4the grade book report level stuff.

      Political operatives must be reigned in and their lies destroyed by light.

      1. Cambridge bought data just like all the other companies that FaceBook sells data to.
        I have problems with that also.

        As to Obama’s data grab. I don’t care what home page on some website with disclosure is. I never went to any Obama website. Can’t stand the guy. Yet, FaceBook gave them access to ALL accounts in the US. That would include mine, and I did not give consent. That’s the big issue here. CNN, NY Times and other crap news sites just gushed all over themselves when the Obama team explained all the data they got for the 2012 election. Learn to use Google, there are lots of old stories that explain it in detail.

        1. Think: proof please. This is the first I have ever read that Facebook gave data to Obama. The Obama administration put full disclosure on its apps and web pages, opt in. CA was never opt in, voters never knew what CA was. By the way: you do know that the US Constitution outlaws foreign election influence, right? So the Mercers broke the law by setting up a foreign entity to tinker with the election. The Muller investigation is just one of many shoes to drop on this corrupt administration. If you actually think, you should drop the partisanship and follow the law and the constitution you claim to honor.

      1. What?
        And you have a clue? You and all your mindless MAGA buddies soon to be marginalised back to the uneducated, truth-denying, Liar_in_chief endorsed sociopathic swamp that spawned you?

      2. Sorry but there are three individuals who paste significantly more hate on this site. You are one of them goeb/contrarian. Anyone who visits to read Mac news has to hold his nose to put up with your non sequitur and insults. Take a break.

        1. Phantom Internet rumors from a cabal of MDN Libtards, gee what a surprise!

          Possibly you have me confused with banned “potty mouth” Citizen X posting as new screen names on every political post lately. His latest favorite is “Banned on the run”, the one before that with the most use was “Banned in San Diego” and many more in between that are one time wonders, not.

          You can always tell by the “non sequitur and insults” that are always directed against Trump supporters and the right in general. Regarding hate and vitriol, not even in his league (thank God) and suggest you REDIRECT your hate where it TRULY BELONGS …

  3. If consumers willingly give their personal data away to companies, I can’t imagine why they’re surprised if that data is being used by someone. I thought that was price they paid to use a “free” service. Consumers badly need Facebook and they don’t want to pay to use the service so what other choice does Facebook have to become one of the wealthiest companies on the planet but to data-mine those suckers to death. I really don’t understand what Facebook users are crying about. Their data is already nestled in Facebook’s servers and they’re not going to get it back.

    Facebook is much more highly valued than Apple because it’s a profitable business created to data-mine users. Wall Street loves it. Big investors love it. Advertisers love it. Users love it. It seems as though everyone comes out a winner. Everyone except Apple, that is, who appears to be the only tech company that’s seen as a big loser when it comes to unlimited revenue growth because it doesn’t data-mine user information.

    Zuckerberg is practically a god on Wall Street and easily one of the youngest billionaires around. I think a lot of people are simply jealous of his success and they’re trying to bring the company down. Facebook will never go away because consumers need it so badly.

    1. Snarky bullshit, most people haven’t the faintest clue as to how Facebook has raped their privacy, they can and will leave in droves as blood leaks out of Zuckerfreaks ears during Congressional testimony.

  4. Three things:

    1. Cook diffuses his message by elongating it. Jobs would have said, “FB steals your stuff and you don’t even know it. It should be opt-in.”

    2. Because Apple does rely on users’ profiles to make money, it can afford to criticize FB that actually needs to, otherwise it would fold.

    3. If people abandon FB, perhaps it can become a mere feature as Jobs described it before FB issued its IPO.

  5. 2. Because Apple does *NOT* rely on users’ profiles to make money, it can afford to criticize FB that actually needs to, otherwise it would fold.

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