South Korean consumer group considering criminal case against Apple over iPhone batterygate

“A consumer group filing a civil suit against Apple on behalf of over 100 plaintiffs for damages related to a recent software update that slowed down older iPhone models said Thursday that they are also considering preparing a criminal case,” Won Ho-jung reports for The Korea Herald.

“‘If we pursue a criminal case, the charges may include destruction of property caused by slowing down the phones, as well as fraud if (Apple) intentionally deceived users about the update,’ said Yun Chul-min, a lawyer working with the consumer rights group Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty, at a press conference Thursday,” Won reports. “CUCS was set to file a civil suit representing 122 plaintiffs Thursday, asking for 2.2 million won ($2,000) in damages per plaintiff. The sum includes 1.2 million won for costs related to replacing phones that slowed down as a result of Apple’s operating system update, and 1 million won in compensation for distress.”

Won reports, “This is the first consumer suit to be filed against Apple in Korean courts, but similar suits are ongoing in the US, Israel, France and Australia.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s stupid self-inflicted wound continues to fester.

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  1. No trolling, asking a very serious question…

    Honestly, did no one see this coming at Apple?

    This is one of the dumbest decisions ever to make with this kind of adjustment and then deciding to not tell the consumers. Of course consumers are angry about this! They are mad that Apple would make this kind of decision and not tell them.

    It doesn’t make Apple look good when they argue that don’t have any planned obsolescence in their agenda.

  2. Just more of Samsung trying to capitalize. As usual small things are huge if it’s Apple and large things are small if it’s Samsung. More press on this than on exploding batteries.

  3. Honest question because I don’t know…

    Did any South Korean consumer groups consider a criminal investigation into Samsung after batteries exploded and injured people?

    That was incredibly poor design and testing on Samsung’s part (i.e. negligence).

    1. No not at all. Samsung has nearly everyone in their pockets.

      Also Korean consumer groups take an chance they can get to go after foreign companies but generally ignore domestic companies especially the large conglomerates.

  4. On top of that their claim is also baseless….”The sum includes 1.2 million won for costs related to replacing phones that slowed down as a result of Apple’s operating system update…”

    Replacing phones when all they need to perform their best is get a new battery…no need to “replace ” their iPhone.

  5. The stupidest part of all this beyond Apple’s ignorance, is that this is “just a phone”, the slowness did not have any significant impact on any one that experienced it. Those whose phones turned off or shutdown on them had a far worse experience than those that might have slowed down some percentage (that Ive never seen really quantified)…

    However the bottomline is, its still just a phone, which I am sure worked fine as long as the battery had a reasonable charge..

  6. The bottom line for me is, if Apple had told me my iPhone 6 would turn into a slow turd because of iOS 11 – I wouldn’t have upgraded it.

    So yeah – I hope they get burned. Deservedly…

    And I’ll be damned if I reward them by upgrading anytime in the foreseeable future.

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