This week, “Apple issued an apology for miscommunication about this issue and has also announced that during 2018 people will be able to replace their iPhone battery for $29,” Zynath Investment writes for Seeking Alpha. “This is a great deal for the consumers as iPhone batteries from reliable sources cost upwards of $25 plus labor.”

“However, this is also a great deal for Apple. While it may take a hit on the discounted battery replacement program, it will likely earn that and more through the increased traffic to its retail locations,” Zynath Investment writes. “At worst, Apple will be breaking even on this reduced battery replacement program. However, it does mean that the consumer will have to visit the Apple retail store and hang around there while the battery is being replaced. This is an excellent opportunity for Apple employees to market to the consumer other Apple products or even offer them a discount on a new iPhone rather than having to wait around while the battery is replaced on their old one.”

“Ask yourself this, where can you go to replace a Samsung or an HTC battery?” Zynath Investment writes. “The fact of the matter is that Apple is offering a useful service that will allow users to prolong the use of their existing phone and in the process it is getting an extra opportunity to market to this consumer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We actually did exactly that this past week. As friends and readers asked about an iPhone performing slowly, we recommended Apple’s battery replacement or, you know, since you’re going to the Apple Store anyway, how about treating yourself to an amazing new iPhone X that we love so much? It’s a notch above, you know.

In more cases than not, a new iPhone sale was made vs. a battery replacement for an old iPhone 6.

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