“Apple late on Thursday did the right thing and finally apologized for the iPhone slowdown scandal,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “In a lengthy letter to customers, Apple explained why iPhones with older batteries are slowed down and announced new measures meant to address your concerns.”

“Apple’s apology is far from perfect, and there are plenty of annoying things about it,” Smith writes. “Apple never acknowledges that it misled iPhone users when it released the iOS 10.2.1 update last year. It never told users that, once the iPhone’s battery has a certain age, iOS will slow down the phones. Preventing unexpected shutdowns is definitely commendable. Nobody wants that kind of smartphone ‘feature.’ But Apple failed to properly inform users of what’s going on.”

“Apple is basically telling us that it’s not testing iOS updates appropriately. That it’s not thoroughly checking new iOS releases on older devices. That iPhones with chemically aged batteries aren’t in use anywhere at Apple, so these performance issues aren’t noticed by the iPhone users that matter most, Apple engineers,” Smith writes. “Apple had to wait for user feedback to realize that the iPhone slowdown, which Apple caused, is to blame for the poorer user experience on older iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree. This is also a blindspot for most of the tech press, ourselves included, as most of us always have current iPhone hardware. As Day One owners of every flagship iPhone, the oldest iPhones we’ve ever used regularly have never been more than roughly a year old. (We have in the past powered up older iPhones to compare features and iOS versions, but never for regular use.) As is our annual custom, our year-old iPhone 7 Plus units were sold and the proceeds applied to the cost of this year’s flagship iPhone X units.

So, the batteries inside our iPhones – and inside most of the tech media’s iPhones – never get to the point where any slowdowns would take place. We’ve got a few older iPhones in the hands of less technically-inclined friends and family members and we’re going to pay more attention to them when they complain of issues including their complaints that the iPhone is “slow.”

Again, it’s Apple’s lack of communication that is the problem here. If Apple had clearly explained what was going on in the software, we’d know to recommend a battery replacement when users complained their older iPhones were getting “slow.” As it was, we were pretty much left to assume that the processor/RAM wasn’t up to par with demands of newer iOS releases and we’d naturally recommend getting a new iPhone.

Just yesterday, we had a friend complain that his iPhone 6 was acting “slow” and we knew to recommend a battery replacement (even though he instead opted to get himself an iPhone X on our strong recommendation).

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