Your Hackintosh can now run macOS 10.13 High Sierra with UniBeast 8.0

“You can now install macOS 10.13 High Sierra Hackintosh thanks to the release of UniBeast 8.0,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie.

“UniBeast, one of the most popular and powerful tools in the arsenal of individuals looking to create a bootable USB drive for macOS or assist with the process of setting up a Hackintosh, has just been updated to version 8.0,” Morris reports. “The bump in version ensures that UniBeast is now officially compatible with Apple’s macOS High Sierra platform, which released globally via the Mac App Store just four weeks ago.”

“UniBeast has been increasingly growing in popularity from version-to-version, which is predominantly down to how powerful it is and how easy the tool provided by Tonymacx86 actually is. That’s always one of the challenges when you create something like UniBeast, to be able to take a process which is inherently complex and difficult, but build a tool which takes away a lot of the pain, abstracts the complexity away from the user, and presents itself as an easy-t0-use, non-daunting product,” Morris reports. “UniBeast is pretty much the epitome of that…”

More info and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple’s management were competent enough to have a modern, up-to-date Mac Pro on the market today, this article wouldn’t be here.

At this point, it’s been a ridiculous 3 years, 10 months, 7 days and counting since Apple’s last Mac Pro update.

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  1. How do we know these Hackintosh enablers are trustworthy and don’t leak data? This is what stops me from even considering “testing” the process. Seems very jailbreak like.

  2. I really wish Apple would figure out some way of allowing others to build the Macs that Apple won’t and make money through licensing, software and services.

    Things have greatly changed since the last time Apple tried licensing to clone manufacturers, and not only has the environment changed along with Apple’s overall business model, but the way Apple could approach this could be vastly different from before as well.

  3. If the people at Apple actually listened to their customers the #hackintosh thing would wither away.

    Some do it just for fun, but most (like me) do it because the Apple hardware line up has gone beyond farce – it is an insult now.

    I WILL NOT pay what they ask for the junk that is the Mac Pro.


    1. Oddly, I feel the same. If Apple made the headless Mac I want, that wouldn’t cost $5000, I’d not consider building a Hackintosh.

      I’m tired of waiting for Apple to build what I want. So, I’m going to build myself a 6-core i7 8700K-based system when Apple has support for this processor and AMD Vega video support.

      1. The machine I built wasn’t cheap (not that you said it was) but it ALSO wasn’t 4 year old technology that was locked into a disposable case.

        I spent more than the low end Mac Pro costs, but I got a much better machine than the high end Mac Pro.

    2. Amazing how H-P can build a compact computer that opens for upgrades without tools, holds up to 32GB of user upgradeable memory, has a plug in for wireless cards or upgrades, and can be built to order from a Core i3 through Quad Core i7s all the way to Xeon CPUs and can be BTO with a high quality NVIDIA discrete GPU for less than Apple sells a sealed up Mac mini with an outdated CPU and Vampire video.
      What does that tell you about what is important to them.

    1. I had no trouble getting 6 – first time.

      It’s your downer vibe… your aura… I can feel it from here and see the murky dull grey. Definite hater and complainer vibe.

      1. There are way too many Apple haters and complainers to account for reality. Does reality have any real meaning, any more? If Apple makes so many boneheaded mistakes, why are they still in business? The answer used to be Steve Jobs and his reality distortion field. But he’s been DEAD for awhile. Does TIm Cook have a similar mystical influence over the public? The resounding answer, at MDN at least, is NO, and neither does any other Apple exec. Apple execs are ineffectual losers, all of them. Maybe Apple engineers are worthy and continue to make good hardware despite their thumb-sucking bosses. Some of us actually believe that. But we could well be deluded, as has been pointed out repeatedly at MDN.. anyone claiming to be satisfied with Apple products must be a fanboy. And even if the hardware passes muster, the user interface sucks and undermines the whole deal! Fire Tim Cook and Jony Ive! As Nero Wolfe would say, pfui.

      2. If…you…tap…really…slow…it…works…fine. If you tap like a normal person using a calculator, many of the operations don’t register. Embarrassing.

  4. “MacDailyNews Take: If Apple’s management were competent enough to have a modern, up-to-date Mac Pro on the market today, this article wouldn’t be here.

    At this point, it’s been a ridiculous 3 years, 10 months, 7 days and counting since Apple’s last Mac Pro update.”

    I think this applies equally to the Mac mini. I use one as a Plex Media Server, but have been sorely tempted to go the Hackintosh route using an Intel NUC as I have a 12TB Promise Thunderbolt RAID Array attached and have no desire to reformat it to a Windows format. The Mac mini struggles with 1080P, so no chance of it working with 4K.

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