Apple to update iPhone SE next month, source claims

“In March 2016, Apple introduced the iPhone SE. The device retained the same form factor as the iPhone 5s, which itself retained the same general form factor of the iPhone 5 launched in 2012,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “But it did include quite high-end internal components. It packed the processor, RAM, and rear-facing camera of the then-flagship iPhone 6s inside a compact device that by Apple’s standards is relatively low-cost.”

Eassa writes, “Back in March, Apple offered a minor, but sensible, refresh of the iPhone SE by replacing the 16-gigabyte model with a 32-gigabyte model for the same $399 price and nixing the 64-gigabyte iPhone SE at $449 and replacing it with a 128-gigabyte model for $499.”

“Now, iGeneration is reporting from a “source” that Apple is planning two iPhone launch events this year — one in August and then one in October. At the August event, iGeneration says, Apple will introduce an iPhone ‘SE type’ device,” Eassa writes. “”

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MacDailyNews Take: From being discontinued to being updated in the dog days of August, the iPhone SE rumors run quite the gamut. Welcome to Apple Silly Season!

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  1. Predictions that will be and come true:

    1-Apple will announce the next iPhones when they are good and damned ready.
    2-The new phones will be on sale sometime after the announcement.
    3-MDN will pronounce them the greatest iPhones ever and describe the model(s) they choose for themselves.
    4-Regardless of price, endless bitching about the price will ensue among commenters from one faction, while another will say they are worth a King’s Ransom.
    5-Donald J.Trump- Samsung Android User (personal) and iPhone user (staff on official @ POTUS account) will continue to tweet bullshit at all hours of the night as he tries to stay out of jail.

    1. President Trump is not going to jail. If impeached Bill Clinton and Shrilliary did not go to jail, deserdely so, never happen with Trump. Please refrain from false memes and ignore the 24/7 destroy Trump media. You’ll feel better ..,

  2. This would hinder sales of the rumoured iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus. True, not every user who goes with an SE would have gone for a larger one, or vice versa; but I do know that if the SE was available when I was replacing my iPhone 5, I would’ve gone with it instead of the 6s that I ended up getting (and don’t regret it now).

    The only way I’d see them doing it in August, is if they’re targeting back-to-school season, and they’re strictly limiting it to students with valid ID only (good strategy, many can’t afford the larger and pricier ones on their own, but an freshly upgraded SE will keep students from buying cheap Androids), then perhaps opening up to the public several months after the iPhone 8’s release (maybe March, the same month that the first SE was announced).

    1. Based on sales data from the SE and previous larger models of the iPhone, I do not see any reason to believe that an updated SE will have a material effect on sales of the soon-to-be-released iPhone models. Many people simply prefer larger displays. And many others will go for the very latest technology and functions in the larger iPhones, some of which will not be available in the updated SE.

      Based on that perspective, it makes perfect sense to stagger the SE release in August, both to deconflict from the subsequent release of the new iPhones, and to keep the media attention on Apple leading up to that release. It may also help to dampen the criticism a bit should the new iPhone release slide into October (or later) as rumored by some.

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