“After weeks of rumors, no one was surprised when Apple revealed its latest iPhone,” Davey Alba reports for Wired. “The 4-inch iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 5s on the outside but with the more advanced guts of the iPhone 6S on the inside. What is surprising is that, after going all-in on bigger phones, Apple decided to go smaller again at all.”

“Turns out, Apple has plenty of good reasons for pushing a smaller phone,” Alba reports. “Not least among those reasons: a lot of people still want to buy them. At a time when sales growth for the iPhone is leveling off, Apple looks like it’s aiming to squeeze as many sales out of the market for its phones as possible.”

“To be sure, Apple has explored a similar path in the past,” Alba reports. “But Apple’s strategy with the iPhone SE looks markedly different. ‘The iPhone 5c slapped on a plastic exterior that telegraphed cheapness,’ says Mark Hibben, a contributor to equity research service Seeking Alpha. By contrast, the iPhone SE’s anodized aluminum case, which mimics the color and styling of more expensive models, doesn’t send the same message, Hibben says.”

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