“There are a number of ways the FBI could be attempting to hack into the iPhone used by the San Bernardino killer, say security experts,” Elizabeth Weise reports for USA Today. “One intriguing approach involves creating a digital copy of the phone’s chips.”

“Up until Monday, the FBI had been adamant that it had no way to get to data off the phone unless Apple aided it in overcoming the passcode locking feature,” Weise reports. “Security researchers, however, have publicly discussed ways a phone can be hacked without having Apple redesign the operating system. These physical hacks were all expensive, time consuming, and posed the risk that the data could be destroyed. But firms like Canada’s Chipworks regularly apply some of them, such as a method that reverse-engineers computer chips in search of patent infringements.”

Weise reports, “Another approach would create digital facsimiles of the phone’s chips, which would then be submitted to multiple unlock attempts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just send the thing to the NSA, which is what the feckless DOJ/FBI should have done instead of stupidly and despicably trying to establish Big Brother precedent on the backs of terrorism victims.

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