“When I made those rounds with my new iPhone SE last month, nobody flinched,” Henry Grabar writes for Slate. “‘That’s a new phone?’ they asked, incredulous. I might as well have been showing people my belt.”

“I get it. The iPhone SE looks just like the phone you bought four years ago,” Grabar writes. “Its dimensions are identical to the iPhone 5, which was released in 2012, and its design is virtually indistinguishable.”

“Not, I think, because Jony Ive’s industrial design team has stopped trying. Rather, the SE suggests that Apple feels it’s found an ideal form for the device, the iPhone equivalent of the Swingline stapler, the KitchenAid mixer, or the Maglite,” Grabar writes. “It’s a design classic — and like a stapler or a flashlight, it’s been canonized only with the passage of time, not for instantly seductive aesthetics but for good old utility.”

Apple's new 4-inch iPhone SE

Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone SE

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MacDailyNews Take: Classic design is classic design (and the Sleep/Wake button is on top where it’s supposed to be, too).