“Is it fair to compare Apple’s diminutive Mac mini with an iPhone, even if they’re priced about the same and one has more features than the other?,” Jack D. Miller writes for Mac360. “Sure. Why not?”

Miller writes, “Allow me to argue that an iPhone SE, Apple’s newest entry level iPhone, is pretty close to as powerful and possibly more useful than a Mac mini, which starts life at $499, which happens to be the same price as an iPhone SE with 64GB of storage, far less than a comparably priced entry-level Mac mini, which does not come with a screen, keyboard, or mouse, but has heftier hardware specifications.”

“Basically, and this really isn’t arguable, Apple has made entry level– for an Apple product– attractive and affordable again. Instead of pushing three model year hardware onto an unsuspecting public who do not fully appreciate product migration and pricing, Apple made the iPhone SE a fully qualified iPhone for 2016,” Miller writes. “Is this a Mac mini in your pocket? Yes. And no.”

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