iPad Pros vs. iPad Air 2: Should you upgrade?

“All the fancy features of the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch machine are now available in a smaller, 9.7-inch model, plus a few new extras,” Henry T. Casey reports for LAPTOP Magazine. “But before you dump your existing iPad Air or bigger Pro for the smaller size version, compare the differences in displays, prices, processors and cameras to make an informed decision.”

“If you wanted the 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s Pencil and Smart Keyboard, but felt that was tablet too large, you’ll be happy the new 9.7-inch model supports both,” Casey reports. “However, during our hands-on time with the 9.7-inch tablet, the new, smaller keyboard wasn’t exactly a joy to use. Its keys still have plenty of travel, but the cramped layout reminded us of the pains of writing on a netbook.”

“Starting at $599 with 32GB of storage, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will also appeal to customers unwilling to pay the 12.9-inch tablet’s $799 starting price,” Casey reports. “At each storage capacity, the 9.7-inch tablet is $200 less than its big brother, and it maxes out at a $899 model with a 256GB hard drive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Your next iPad should be an iPad Pro. Just pick a size.


  1. Anyone know why no 3D touch or when it will be updated to include it? After having it on my phone, I can’t bring myself to upgrade my iPad air2 without it. Anyone?

  2. All this power, and still:

    No Pro file system

    No Pro ports

    No multiuser sign on (unless you download the classroom app)

    No mouse support

    No Pro networking support

    Aside from being able to write on it with an overpriced pencil, it does virtually the same thing the first iPad did some 6-years ago!

    Six years later:

    No innovation by Cook

    Built in $100 bump for the 16G storage upgrade

    The guy is simply CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!’

    1. I’m inclined to agree, but that’s why Macs still exist.

      My biggest gripe is the cost for LTE. You can purchase a competing tablet for the price of LTE alone. Why has the price of the feature went up by 1.5X 6 years later.

    1. @DavGreg

      Not only that, DavGreg…

      IPad Pro Specs:

      Only 2-Gigs of RAM (not the 4-gigs in the big Pro, hell even the new iPhone SE has 2-gigs)!

      As you mentioned, USB-2 port speeds (but hell, there’s no adapter to even capitalize on the USB 3 speeds from the big Pro anyhow).

      A9X processor underclocking in the 9.7 Pro

      Cramped, overpriced keyboard

      $100 bump for 16GB more RAM

      All in all, I’ll stick with my Air 2 and maybe pickup a 12.9 inch Pro down the line, when the price falls!

    2. DavGreg,

      The frist Intel based MacBook Pro shipped with FireWire 400, when 800 was the standard. Keep your Air 2 and those unacceptable USB 2 speeds.

  3. There was a time when Apple released a product and you wondered how they managed to fit all the new tech into a small space.

    Unfortunately those days of insanely great tech are gone. Now you wonder why they have chosen to hobble the entry level with low capacity and make you pay $100 for a $5 chip to take it to a reasonable level.
    Then you have to add over $200 to get a cover and a pencil
    suddenly you are talking about over $1000 for a tablet.

  4. Despite the better camera and supposedly better color, think about it – would you rather have a 12″ iPad Pro with 128gb for $949, or a 9.7″ iPad Pro with 256gb for $899? Seems like a no-brainer – bigger screen for a few dollars more and who needs more than 128GB storage? I’m upgrading to the 128gb iPad Pro 12″ – it’s a better deal. Yeah, I know the keyboard is also $20 more but who cares.

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