Apple just put a Mac mini in your pocket (with keyboard and screen)

“Is it fair to compare Apple’s diminutive Mac mini with an iPhone, even if they’re priced about the same and one has more features than the other?,” Jack D. Miller writes for Mac360. “Sure. Why not?”

Miller writes, “Allow me to argue that an iPhone SE, Apple’s newest entry level iPhone, is pretty close to as powerful and possibly more useful than a Mac mini, which starts life at $499, which happens to be the same price as an iPhone SE with 64GB of storage, far less than a comparably priced entry-level Mac mini, which does not come with a screen, keyboard, or mouse, but has heftier hardware specifications.”

“Basically, and this really isn’t arguable, Apple has made entry level– for an Apple product– attractive and affordable again. Instead of pushing three model year hardware onto an unsuspecting public who do not fully appreciate product migration and pricing, Apple made the iPhone SE a fully qualified iPhone for 2016,” Miller writes. “Is this a Mac mini in your pocket? Yes. And no.”

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    1. Yes. I don’t even know why this is an article. I read that the iPhone is incomparable. I read the same thing a few years ago about the Mac mini. So, obviously, the two products can’t be compared.

    1. Lightning to Digital A/V Adapter (HDMI), mirror straight to a screen, use a Bluetooth keyboard, can’t use a mouse as the iOS is not a cursor-driven operating system.

      Close enough? :/

      1. This is only for iPads but have you seen the new feature in iOS 9 where you double-tap the keyboard with 2 fingers ? You get a cursor that you can move around the screen like a track pad. Very nice for editing (placing cursor) on multi-line text. And it shows that iOS could be a “partially cursor driven” OS. I would actually prefer a track pad and cursor in some cases, like when its on a stand on the dining room table (very often), it gets uncomfortable reaching for the screen sometimes (I’m getting old and probably related to some carpal tunnel issues). Anyhow check it out.

    1. show me how to add 4TB of disk space to a mini… unless external.
      i have a drive shared via airport that i access via my iPad for viewing movies and listening to music, havent needed it for documents since they are in iCloud for Pages

  1. I have a real Mac Pro ( the tower, not the trashcan) and no iOS device on it’s best day comes close to what my Tower does without breaking a sweat.

    This morning I was making TruPhone VoIP calls for Primary GOTV, browsing the Internet, streaming France 24 & BBC World News, editing HDTV recordings from EyeTV while recording another, transcoding others with Handbrake, IMing friends and family, checking and responding to e-mail and playing back iTunes music in the background.


    Try that with your iPad Pro.

      1. I mostly eat out and I don’t have a basement.

        You miss the point that it is ridiculous to compare a desktop to an iOS device. I used the extreme example of my Mac Pro, but I have lesser devices as well.

        My iPad Air 2 is mostly a device used to consume media, browse the internet and maybe handle some e-mail. The iPhone mostly a Cell with the ability to stream via Bluetooth in the car.

        The point is that the capacity of a serious Desktop to do a lot of things simultaneously simply swamps any mobile device- thus making the comparison absurd.

        Like Steve Jobs said with the analogy about cars and trucks, some of us need a truck.

    1. You’re comparing a Mac Pro to an iPad? Seriously?
      Nobody has ever made that comparison… They were comparing it to a Mac mini because of its place in the line up. Would you say a Mac mini is the same as a Mac Pro? No, you wouldn’t…

      I have the same Mac Pro (2012 model, 12 cores, 48GB ram) and yes, it can do a zillion things at the same time while also being the media server in my house. But it is a beast, one of if not the fastest desktop machine you can purchase on the planet… No one is comparing that to an iPad. What a strawman…

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