“The thing about the iPhone SE is that there’s basically nothing that’s new about it. It’s a four-year-old phone design filled with six-month-old parts, and it’s the rare product that amounts to exactly the sum of its parts,” Andrew Cunningham writes for Ars Technica. “So we’ll spend a little time with the tech inside, but this review is going to focus primarily on the Big Questions: Who should buy this? Why should they buy it? Who shouldn’t buy it? And where does it fit into Apple’s Grand Plan for the iPhone?”

“In a lot of ways the SE is just a drop-in replacement for the iPhone 5S in Apple’s lineup, an ‘entry-level’ iPhone that doesn’t quite offer all the features of the flagship versions but updates the specs enough to keep up with iOS’ continued development and various Apple services like Apple Pay,” Cunningham writes. “But it’s the first time that bottom spot in the iPhone lineup has ever been occupied by something that wasn’t two to three years old, which changes the value proposition significantly.”

“It’s not going to draw a ton of customers from the 6S or 6S Plus, really. Those bigger screens sell themselves and are worth putting up with some of the larger phones’ more annoying design elements. However, the SE is a big deal for people buying their first iPhone or people who just want the cheapest possible route into the iOS ecosystem. $399 ($499, really, since you should avoid the 16GB model in most cases) for a brand-new iPhone with flagship-level specs and a high-end phone camera is hard to ignore,” Cunningham writes. “The flagships are likely to remain larger, and they’re likely to get new features faster (I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the 4-inch iPhone only got a refresh once every two years or so), but the SE at least makes it so that people who prefer small phones don’t need to time travel back to 2013 to get a decent one.”

Tons more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone SE is going to be a very big draw in the BRICS economies.

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