“Last week, Apple introduced both a new iPhone and a new iPad. Normally, such a dual unveiling would be blockbuster news in the tech and business worlds. But, this time, it wasn’t,” Walt Mossberg writes for The Verge. “That’s because both announcements were tactical business moves, products which lack breakthrough technology, but aim to appeal to owners of older Apple models.”

“But that doesn’t mean the new iPhone and iPad are bad. In fact, I like them both. They’re just iterative: smaller, familiar vessels for Apple’s latest technology,” Mossberg writes. “I’ve been testing them, and I believe they’ll appeal to a significant minority of users when they become available tomorrow.”

“With the new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple is trying to fill holes in its product line and encourage more upgrading,” Mossberg writes. “It reminds me of the days when the company sold a whole range of iPod models, from well under $100 to about $400, at roughly $50 intervals. The idea, then and now, was to cover the waterfront. You couldn’t go wrong with most of these iPods, and you won’t go wrong with these two latest Apple products.”

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