“At first glance, the iPhone SE seems like a step back, and indeed it looks and feels identical to the four inch iPhone 5 and 5s,” Mark Prigg writes for The Daily Mail. “However, the SE has a hidden talent – the internals of the latest iPhone 6s have been crammed inside, making this a perfect first time iPhone, and a great update for those who don’t need the latest and greatest design. The key to the iPhone SE is incredibly simple and powerful – familiarity.”

“Switch it on, and it becomes apparent this is a ‘retro’ iPhone in looks only,” Prigg writes. “Although we’ve only been using the phone for a few days, one thing is clear – it’s blazingly fast.”

“It’s incredibly well built and feels solid – and also easy to pick up and keep hold of,” Prigg writes. “The smaller screen is saved by its sharpness – I found reading books on the subway was far easier than I thought, although I will admit to pining slightly for my iPhone 6s Plus on occasion.”

“Overall, the iPhone SE is a fascinating product, and one destined to do incredibly well – in certain markets,” Prigg writes. “It really hits a sweetspot in the Apple lineup of people who perhaps don’t want, or can’t afford a flagship handset – or are looking for a second backup phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another good review for Apple’s diminutive powerhouse, iPhone SE.

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