The Daily Mail reviews Apple’s iPhone SE: The ‘perfect first time iPhone’

“At first glance, the iPhone SE seems like a step back, and indeed it looks and feels identical to the four inch iPhone 5 and 5s,” Mark Prigg writes for The Daily Mail. “However, the SE has a hidden talent – the internals of the latest iPhone 6s have been crammed inside, making this a perfect first time iPhone, and a great update for those who don’t need the latest and greatest design. The key to the iPhone SE is incredibly simple and powerful – familiarity.”

“Switch it on, and it becomes apparent this is a ‘retro’ iPhone in looks only,” Prigg writes. “Although we’ve only been using the phone for a few days, one thing is clear – it’s blazingly fast.”

“It’s incredibly well built and feels solid – and also easy to pick up and keep hold of,” Prigg writes. “The smaller screen is saved by its sharpness – I found reading books on the subway was far easier than I thought, although I will admit to pining slightly for my iPhone 6s Plus on occasion.”

“Overall, the iPhone SE is a fascinating product, and one destined to do incredibly well – in certain markets,” Prigg writes. “It really hits a sweetspot in the Apple lineup of people who perhaps don’t want, or can’t afford a flagship handset – or are looking for a second backup phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another good review for Apple’s diminutive powerhouse, iPhone SE.

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  1. Some people are complaining about the advanced features (e.g., 3-D touch) omitted from the SE. Personally, I am amazed at how much power and functionality Apple managed to include in the smaller phone. I am seriously considering the SE for my next phone.

  2. Apple has a lot of tools in its product line. The question now is how to integrate them to make personal/professional work environment with these tools. See if I have an AppleWatch, a laptop, and an iPhone twice the size of iPod nano that can transfer calls and data between them seamlessly that would be great.

    1. That’s what iCloud was supposed to accomplish, when it works. As we now know, Apple outsourced the majority of its cloud services to the companies that MDN loves to hate. So it should be no surprise that the patchwork of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Akamai servers just don’t work seamlessly. Nor privately or securely.

      In the end, it would be better for you to take ownership of your data. We recommend Synology Network Attached Storage. You can then own your own cloud and apply the appropriate security for your needs. MDN owes it to its readership to recommend alternate solutions than the default Apple offerings that don’t always work for everyone.

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