“Feel matters. And to me, the classic 4-inch display form factor shared by the iPhones 5, 5S, and now SE feels the best in hand,” John Gruber writes for Daring Fireball. “This is obviously highly subjective, but in my mind it’s not even a close call. There are obvious reasons to prefer the larger 4.7- and 5.5-inch models, but how they feel in your hand isn’t one of them.”

“I prefer the flat sides. (It stands up!) I prefer the small circular volume buttons. I prefer the power button at the top, rather than directly opposite the volume-up button,” Gruber writes. “I absolutely loathe the camera bump on the 6/6S; the lack of said bump on the SE feels downright luxurious in contrast.”

“In my real-world use, the iPhone SE is very much exactly what I was hoping it would be: a 4-inch iPhone with iPhone 6S performance and camera quality,” Gruber writes. “The SE is easier to pocket, easier to hold, and easier to use one-handed. The 6S displays more content, and is better for two-handed use — particularly when it comes to thumb-typing. Judging between these two devices, with no consideration for future devices, I personally am completely torn. But I lean toward the SE.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Jony Ive must curse that effing camera bump in his sleep.

If you use an iPhone 6/6s or 6 Plus/6s Plus and still have an older 4-inch iPhone 5 or 5S stuck in a drawer, pull it out. It just feels great, doesn’t it? The design and build quality are exquisite. It’s like a piece of fine jewelry. The slippery iPhone 6/s series just cannot compare.

As for the design of iPhone 7:

Put the Sleep/Wake button back on the top where it belongs. We’re sick and tired of changing the volume when trying to sleep or sleeping when trying to change the volume. Sheesh! — MacDailyNews, February 2, 2016

Can we have an edge-to-edge display, pretty please, Apple? After all, it is 2016. — MacDailyNews, March 1, 2016

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