“When I first heard about and saw the iPhone SE… I didn’t like anything about it. To me, the iPhone SE seemed representative of the type of company Apple has become: dull, stuck in its ways, and possibly a bit lazy,” Know Your Mobile writes. “It costs too much, I said in my iPhone SE review. And it does — Apple should be selling this handset for a lot less than it does.”

“But then I used the iPhone SE for a prolonged period of time; three months or so to be exact and something started to happen. Something scary… I started to like the iPhone SE. Like it A LOT,” Know Your Mobile writes. “Why? Simple: it’s a great phone. Boring, yes. But solid in almost every regard. And because of its size it is kind of unique in the phone space right now.”

Here’s [four] points on how Apple’s iPhone SE converted me from hater to believer in the space of a few months:
• My Pockets Feel Better
• The Battery Life is Phenomenal
• The Camera is Brilliant
• Like the iPhone 6s, The iPhone SE is Super Fast

Two downsides:
• Not Great For Media
• The Front Facing Camera is PANTS

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MacDailyNews Take: We briefly flirted with the idea that small iPhones would come back in vogue because Apple Watch required an iPhone to such a degree that people might want to save weight and space with smaller iPhone they could tuck away in pockets, bags, and purses.

No runner who uses the Apple Watch is happy with its lack on onboard GPS – especially those who have iPhone 6/s Plus models! That’s a lot to have to strap to your arm to get accurate running distance tracking.

But, now, with Apple Watch 2 expected to get GPS, sign us up for the largest capacity (come on 256GB!) iPhone 7 Plus! The SE’s 4-inch display is just too tiny for us.

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