Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen iPad Pros will be ‘revolutionary,’ offering radical design and user behavior changes

Apple’s “new iPad Pros are nice devices, and they easily represent the pinnacle of the modern tablet computer today,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “While the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro represents a significant upgrade from my current 9.7-inch iPad Pro, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported last year that the 2018 iPad could be a true game-changer.”

“Kuo calls the 2018 iPad ‘revolutionary’ and expects it to include ‘radical changes in form factor design & user behavior’ due to the use of a “flexible AMOLED panel,” Eassa writes. “‘If Apple can truly tap the potential of a flexible AMOLED panel, we believe the new iPad model will offer new selling points through radical form factor design and user behavior changes,’ the analyst said last year.”

Eassa writes, “Considering that iPads are rather expensive devices (a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro would run me $879 for a 256 GB model with cellular capability), I don’t want to drop that kind of money on a new iPad this year when I strongly suspect next year’s model will be such a huge step forward.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPad resale market is quite strong. iPad Pros retain their value well. Users could easily get a new, highly-regarded iPad Pro this year, enjoy the myriad iOS 11 improvements, and then resell it and upgrade when the new iPad Pro models become available.

It makes no sense to deprive yourself for a year or longer in order to save what will amount to a $20 or less per month.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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  1. Fuck you Ming-Chi Kuo for freezing my iPad Pro purchase decision!!! I’ve been planning on purchasing the 12.9 version once my wife’s 13″ MacBook Pro with touch bar is paid off later this year and you hint at some amazing iPad Pro right around the corner. Damn you sir!!!

    MacDailyNews … thank you for the sanity check. You are right … resale is high and there’s no reason to deprive me now of the iPad Pro goodness.

    Whew!!! That was close!!!

    1. I would not have put off replacing my 5 year old iPad 3 with what I am using right now – a 10.5″ iPad Pro 512Gb 4G + WiFi model. This thing runs rings around my old iPad. A joy to use. In any case I also call BS on Kuo’s radical new form factor prediction in 2018.

  2. Oh please! Don’t pay any attention to that article. It’s all about if, if if. If Apple can get enough large flexible OLED screens, if they can do something really unique with it, etc.

    Apple can’t get enough OLED screens for this year’s iPhones, why would they use a large number of that supply for a new iPad? I’m typing on my new iPad Pro 12.9” right now. The screen is easily four times the area. That means that Apple could make four phones with one iPad Pro 12.9” size screen. We’ve all been reading that Samsung is trying, and might fail, to produce 80-90 million iPhone screens this year. Next year, as the rumors go, Apple will want to produce all of their top phones with OLEDs. Will there be three phones in 2018, or back to two? We don’t know, but that could mean 200 million OLED screens for 2018, just for the phone, with Samsung straining to make them. Apple is trying to get other suppliers, such as LG, but it will be a stretch as to whether they will be able to make a large column by then, in sufficient quality that Apple can use them.

    I’m taking this report with more than a bit of salt. My advice it to ignore it, and do whatever you were doing.

  3. And now it begins..every blogger reports on new features/design changes they can dream up…it then becomes fact, iPads are delayed cause Apple can’t implement the vaporware, Apple releases the product they planned on in the first place, then everyone writes negative articles about how boring it is before they even use it…then it breaks sales records the first weekend.

  4. …no! Just wait until the next-next iPad Pro comes out in 2019 with holographic display and parabolic brain to iPad communication technology!

    Or better hold on until 2020 Aniversary iPad Edition!

  5. Makes a lot of sense to wait on that iPad purchase, especially once you realize that Apple has you buying essentially the same device over and over again like a lemming going over the cliff.

  6. I an stilm using the original iPad (2010) and I can’t still decide if I should go for the 2017 version or wait for the next year’s iPad Pro

    Every year ist the same 😟

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