Get ready for Apple’s $1,400 iPhone

Apple’s “the 10th anniversary iPhone, the next model, expected to be massively redesigned and packed with state-of-the-art technology, could sell for as much as $1,200 to $1,400, according to some estimates,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today. “At which point you’ve got to wonder, will people actually pay that kind of money for an iPhone?”

MacDailyNews Take: Absolutely. And they’ll queue up online and/or in real lines to do it.

“Yes, and happily, reports Tim Bajarin, an Apple analyst and president of Creative Strategies. ‘It will fly off the shelves,'” Graham reports. “It’s the extra cost of the bigger, OLED screen, plus expanded storage, that could push the top of the line iPhone to the $1,200 to $1,400 range, he says.”

“If you ponder the thought, why not charge more for the ultra-premium model? Apple has a new computer coming out later this year that will sell for $5,000,” Graham reports. “We live with our iPhones. We wake up with them, we spend more time with them than our own families, we put them by our bed at night. A new iPhone for roughly $4 a day for the first year? A case could be made.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, the “iPhone 8” (or “iPhone X,” “iPhone Edition,” or “iPhone Pro”) will be Apple’s flagship, premium, cutting-edge iPhone. It should be priced as such.

Customers who are looking for lower prices can simply opt for iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus or even the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, which are likely to stick around as the entry-level models through late 2018, just as the 6s and 6s Plus are today, or get the iPhone SE, of course.

As we wrote back in February: Our Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units with 3 GB RAM each cost $969 plus tax, so $1,000+ for a loaded “iPhone X” with 4+ GB of RAM would certainly not be surprising.

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      1. Have you gone to an Apple store on iPhone release day? Its massive! People are still camping out days before. You cannot compare the 20th Anniversary Macintosh to the 10th iPhone. Compared to the number of iPhone users now to that of Mac users back in 1997, would be extremely depressing, and yet remarkable to how much this amazing company has grown in the last 20 years.

        1. This is not 2007, Dusty. Apple isn’t the only can of dog food on the shelf. Things change, markets change…a $1,400 iPhone will be a minimal success to a niche market.

          1. I’d be surprised if we see an iPhone 8 / X in the $1,200 to $1,400 USD price range. My guess is more like $999 to $1,199. Here in Canada, once you factor in exchange rate and taxes, a top of the line iPhone 7 Plus can easily go for around $1,500.

          2. I unfortunately will have to disagree with you on this one, I understand your concerns, and I appreciate your defense on this situation, but it doesn’t matter if the phone was $199, or became $599, or now $1400, the carriers will make sure they push out every phone possible with incentivized purchases. The rate of people paying outright for the full price of the phone upon purchase is a very uncommon sight these days. The motivation to purchase is all within the leasing model, people are comfortable to pay $30-$50 a month for their phone. People do it on the Apple iPhone upgrade program, people do it with their AT&T Next, along with every other carrier. If this phone is extremely priced, Apple’s crack marketing team will make sure that price isn’t even known to the mass population, they will only know its $40 a month…etc…etc. This isn’t niche market, its just becoming a stale one, and as more and more people keep releasing the same stuff it becomes less enthused, and more critical. People are in desperate need for that next innovation growth spirt, everyone around me since the iPhone 6s came out were talking about what demand the 8 can bring. Once the 8 comes out, they’ll be talking about the 9, or the 10. It’s the cycle, and the rhetoric has been the same for almost a decade, even amongst their competitors.

          3. First, the new iPhone is not the same beast as the 20th Anniversary Macintosh. Your comparison is highly flawed. Of course, that is what we have come to expect from you on this forum.

            Second, the price of the new iPhone is still just speculation. Just wait until Apple announces it.

            Third, if Apple does actually jack the price of its flagship iPhone to $1200+, then you can darn well bet that it is going to have some very cool tech to justify that price. So my bet is that it will sell quite well despite the price, if that is true.

            Finally, as MDN states, people will still be able to get the latest, high-performing iPhone models below the flagship iPhone for standard prices. If the flagship does not sell well, then it still serves its purpose as standard bearer and pathfinder for new technology. In that respect, it will be much like the iMac Pro and the upcoming Mac Pro. They serve an important purpose even if their unit sales numbers are not fantastic.

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              CitizenX – you may indeed be “munificent” (highly generous). But I suspect that you meant “magnificent” or something similar based on the context.

    1. For someone who primarily uses his iPhone for casual photos, texting and, of course, phone calls, I will never pay over a $1,000 for another smart phone. My phone is NOT the center of my universe, nor will it ever be.

  1. you bet I’ll buy one. For a device that fits in my pocket and which I use hundreds of times daily, and which represents the zenith of miniaturization and inclusion of jaw dropping seamless features – that is a good value proposition

  2. In a market that now has Nokia and Blackberry coming back with Android, good luck Apple. When the affluent have scaled back shopping at Whole Foods to the point they closed 9 stores in 2017 and cancelled all 1200 new store opening, then went looking for a buyer: again good luck with this economy Apple.

    1. You are aware that Amazon bought Whole Foods for 13 billion dollars just recently right? Amazon literally is about to revolutionize the whole “Grocery Store To Front Door” model. There isn’t a need to open up 1200 new stores, when you can have one online store that can delivery anywhere the same day. In regards to Nokia and Blackberry, their entire brand is tarnished, no one, not kids that are using these iPhones the most are even aware of what a Nokia phone or Blackberry phone was back in the day.

      1. Is Amazon aware Whole Foods closed 9 stores in 2017 and cancelled 1200 new store openings. That’s a sign of big trouble. Whole Foods is losing customers to Aldi’s, Trader Joes and Lidl because they are cheaper. People just don’t have the money to blow. Macy’s and Sears Canada are also looking for a buyer.

        My grocery store is near by and it’s on the way to work so I stop by when I want with ease. Everyone has an online presence. Online only stores are not causing retailers to fail. It is the broke consume unable to buy anywhere.

        Really are “kids” the only people alive today? Blackberry and Nokia running Android will only make Android more popular and cheaper.

      2. Whole Foods opened a new store ten miles west of where I sit within the last two months.

        Prices are in the mind of the consumer. When I bought a 30 megabyte SCSI drive for my Mac Plus, I thought it was a bargain at $800. The 20 meg drives were $600. Today I bought a drive with almost 1100 times the capacity (32 gig USB 3.0 flash drive) for $10!

        People will pay what Apple is asking and be happy for it.

  3. I’ve always liked my iPhone, and I’m going to be an iPhone customer for as long as iPhones exist, but I won’t wait in a long line to get one on release day, and I won’t pay that hefty of a price tag for one. I’ll stick with the lower end iPhones, thank you very much, and save my $1,400 towards the price of a new MacBook Pro. 😉

      1. Well, at first, since I’ll be sticking with my current iPhone 7 which should be good for a couple more years, so I’m not spending the money for a new phone. But then when I do get a new phone, I’ll be paying a lot less than $1,400, that’s for sure. 😉

  4. Some people will, but it won’t become the biggest seller and Apple probably won’t want it to be. There’s some interesting stuff about how at the scales Apple is operating at it’s difficult for them to truly push things technologically because they have to make so many of them right from the start. With a high end phone they could have smaller runs and it wouldn’t matter as the demand wouldn’t be as high. This would allow them to introduce cutting edge technologies which could then be refined for mass consumption in subsequent generations.

  5. Anyone remember the toaster Mac? Priced thru the stratosphere and is now hardly even remembered. Incredible design…priced way too high without a display.
    I hope iPhone 8 is great, but won’t pay extra for it, even if Apple has to pay extra to make it.
    My SE is working fine, and I’ll consider a 7 after the price drops.

  6. I don’t understand why Samsung has phones with edge-to-edge OLED displays that don’t cost $1,400 but apparently Apple’s screen, produced by Samsung, is making the iPhone cost $1,400.

    1. It will only cost that much if they include differentiating features, such as true wireless (broadcast) charging or in-screen TouchID. The inclusion of full-screen OLED could bump the price by $50 – $100, but won’t push it up to $1400.

  7. Folks, this is all market manipulation hype. Imagine this: word spreads that the “iPhone 8” (or whatever it will be called) will be $1200-1400. This depresses the stock because the market doesn’t think many will buy in at that price. The Shorts take over. But low and behold, when they release it, the 256 GB iPhone 8 is “only” $1100 (or maybe even $1000)! The stock shoots through the roof because everyone will think it’s “cheap” because they were all expecting $1400.

    It’s all a game we’re being suckered into. Just ignore the rabble and hang tight- 2 more months and we’ll all know the truth…

  8. 5.8″ OLED display
    Faster A11 processor
    Glass body
    Edge-to-edge display
    Facial Recognition, perhaps replacing Touch ID
    No Home button
    Wireless charging
    Three models – One OLED, two standard

    Hmmm….I don’t know if these are a $1400 set of features, for me personally. I’m sure it will be one sharp sweet crispy phone, but will it change my user experience that much? Will that spam look significantly better on the OLED screen, or will that telemarketer call come through any clearer?

  9. Wow o wow!

    The more I read these thread, the more I see trolls and mom’s basement boy who thinks he knows the market.
    Apple will release 3 phones in september with 3 starting price tag. Enough for the wealthy, the extra wealthy and the pros.

    As always, it is gonna be a hit.

  10. My iPhone 6, is the 1st iPhone that i’ve kept long enough to go outta contract with AT&T. Sorry Apple, if you plan on reaming customers (I’ve been an Apple loyalist since 1992) then bye-bye…I miss Steve!

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