Woz can’t wait to get a folding iPhone, is optimistic about Apple’s future

“Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak doesn’t want to wait for a folding iPhone,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘Apple has been a leader for quite a long time in a few areas such as touch ID, facial ID, and easy payment with the phone,’ Wozniak said in a Bloomberg TV interview. ‘They’re not the leader in areas like the folding phone, and that worries me because I really want a folding phone.'”

“Wozniak is optimistic about Apple’s future, with the company branching out in a range of projects outside of its core iPhones market. However, he still prefers ‘my Roku’ to Apple TV,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘They just got so successful on the iPhone and that was their whole business for a long time,'” he said. ‘Now they’re branching out so a lot of their businesses have been very good.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Woz seems to have forgotten, Apple wasn’t first with fingerprint recognition, they were the first to do it right with Touch ID. Apple wasn’t first with facial recognition, they were the first to do it right with Face ID. Apple wasn’t first with contactless payments, they were the first to do it right with Apple Pay.

Of course, we love Woz, regardless!

These flexible displays cannot yet be made cost-effectively or in quantities large enough or with high enough quality that Apple would require for the high-volume iPhone.

As with fingerprint and facial recognition, when Apple debuts a foldable iPhone, then foldable smartphones will have been done right. — MacDailyNews, January 17, 2019

We’ll see a mess of weird attempts before Apple shows how it’s to be done, as usual.MacDailyNews, January 23, 2019

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  1. Since using the newer FACE ID iPads I really miss Touch ID. I’m constantly lifting, twisting, and moving the iPad, often not getting recognized before it asks for my Password ID.

    1. How are you using it? Are you waiting for Face ID? If so, don’t wait, just flick up and let Face ID do its thing. I learned that from my iPhone X in November 2017. I started by picking up the iPhone and staring at it and waiting for Face ID to unlock it. You don’t need to do that, just flick up and Face ID will unlock. Also, if you’re still having problems, re-register your face with Face ID and that might clear it up. My Face ID opens virtually instantly. Have “Raise to Wake” enabled, flick up, and the locked device is unlocked and ready to go.

            1. Your lack of response is telling. The fact remains FaceID is faster, more secure, easier, and works extremely well. No more problems with TouchID in the winter outside with gloves on or with wet or dirty hands. FaceID is superior in every way.

            2. Your further lack of response is even more telling. What happened to your love of facts? FaceID is superior to TouchID in every way. Deal with it.

            3. My phone recognizes my irises and my touch and I don’t particularly care. You’re arguing with yourself troll. That and he’s flicking it wrong.

            4. Yes, my Window slaptops have perfect FaceID + Fingerprint. My phone iris + fingerprint. They have for years. Not something I brag about. But Apple apparently need to give out flicking lessons like Superior Being did. I didn’t bring it up, they did.

            5. You’re funny. I own Windows laptops with facial recognition. It isn’t in the same league as FaceID on the iPhone. Not even close. Same goes for iris recognition. Try again.

            6. Facepalm, ugh. Security. FaceID is much more secure and more advanced. Unless you don’t care about security or future capabilities of your devices. Keep trying.

            7. Words… How about data and proof? Keep flicking, meanwhile explain to the others why thetheloniusmac has issues with it. I don’t care.

            8. You can start with WIRED’s article about their attempt to hack FaceID and how the methods they used successfully hacked other facial recognition systems but could not hack FaceID. As a troll you’ll just attack the source. Trouble for you is there are many in depth articles on this thing called the internet that detail how much more advanced FaceID is and how much more secure it is. FaceID can be hacked but it is much simpler to hack other facial recognition systems. The systems you speak of that have been around for years could be fooled by photographs. You can watch demo videos of this. Now be a good little troll and give me another telling non response.

            9. Dear imbecile, I attacked no one other than to play on flicking. And still… how about it successfully unlocking the device? From TTM’s experience it seems…. “not so much”. I don’t see you calling him out though.

              Now, the Intel 3d depth camera was out long before Apple used it or something similar. Not all Windows or Android uses it.

              Flicking apologist.

            10. Just read an article about a company that hacked multiple set ups of Windows Hello on multiple devices with a printed photograph. In 2018! Insert sad trombone.

            11. Classic troll response. Waaaaah, give me a link or it isn’t real. You can use Google to find the data yourself. Windows Hello being defeated by a printed photograph is all too real.

              As for the link you provided, it says nothing about FaceID and even contains this gem “Hickey was able to extract data from older iPhones using the device. It’s likely that the device was sold because it is now outdated and unable to access devices running current or recent versions of iOS.”

              You should read the articles you link to first. More sad trombone for you.

            12. A lot good any ID system does if it can be bypassed.

              Then there’s the real gem…

              “However, as of March of last year, the latest Cellebrite UFED was able to access even a locked iPhone X running iOS 11.”

              You must have missed that with the ostrich sand in your eyes. You should flick it off.

            13. Key part is “running iOS 11”. Sad troll listens to more sad trombone. Moving the goalposts won’t help you. The argument is that FaceID is superior. The facial recognition or iris or touch systems you have on PCs aren’t in the same league. Windows Hello was defeated in 2018 by a printed photograph. These are all facts. 100 percent true and easily verified if you know how to use Google and aren’t a troll.

              Try again while I play a sad trombone for you.

            14. Cellebrite and GrayKey were able to bypass FaceID or TouchID via the lightning port. That is no longer possible. It isn’t relevant however because it wasn’t a method of spoofing FaceID and that is what the argument is about. FaceID remains a superior ID system. You moved the goalposts to hacking into iPhones in any way possible. People will always be trying to hack into iPhones and as they succeed Apple will close vulnerabilities. None of that has anything to do with the fact that FaceID is the leading facial recognition system available to consumers today.

              Do you always apologize when non-Apple tech doesn’t measure up?

            15. A) Cellebrite still works
              B) TTM isnt flicking right, which is all I brought up.
              C) Still not impressed with FaceID over what my PCs do. They are both uninteresting.

            16. Bwah ha haaaa! Now you find all facial recognition uninteresting. Classic troll move. When defeated pretend you didn’t care anyway. The giant sad trombone plays for you my friend.

            17. And Face ID can be bypassed. Aren’t you the saddest marching band. Btw… my surface and ho cannot be fooled easy, neither can my s9. Still… no longer that big a deal.

            18. The fact is that your S9 and Surface are not as secure as FaceID. You go ahead and keep defaulting to the classic not that big a deal I don’t care anyway my devices are good enough troll pose. Looks good on you. Sad, sad, sad trombones for you.

            19. From an article on Samsung’s Intelligent Scan, with a quote from Samsung.

              “Samsung’s facial recognition system uses a regular camera to create a 2D map of your face, contrasted with Apple’s Face ID, which creates a complex 3D scan of your facial pattern. People were able to fool Samsung’s technology on last year’s Galaxy S8 by using photos, and Samsung itself warned the technology could “only be used for opening your Galaxy S8 and currently [could not] be used to authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder.” That doesn’t change with the Galaxy S9.”

              Oh how the sad sad sad trombones play for the sad sad sad little troll.

            20. But the Surface does go 3D, so does my HP. and I still wouldn’t buy an iPhone to get FaceID. Samsung also uses irises, which is what I use. And yes it does work with Samsung Pay. No flicking required.

              Now off with you, debate it with TTM who reported a problem here. I didn’t.

            21. Yeah yeah we’re all so impressed how much you “don’t care”. That’s why you keep replying. Because you “don’t care” soooooo much. More sad trombones for you.

            22. By the way, from an article about spoofing facial recognition on a Surface.

              “Windows 10’s facial authentication system might be able to tell the difference between you and your twin, but it could apparently be fooled with a photo of your face. According to researchers from German security firm SySS, systems running previous versions of the platform can be unlocked with a printed photo of your face taken with a near-infrared (IR) camera. The researchers conducted their experiments on various Windows 10 versions and computers, including a Dell Latitude and a Surface Pro 4.”

              A Surface. Fooled by a photo. Oh my. The sad trombones are playing hard for you now.

            23. It doesn’t bother me that Windows was spoofed by a picture as much as your dishonesty. Screw MS, regardless. I don’t do fan.

              Since you didn’t provide a link to back up your words, I found one on The Verge.


              Update, 9AM ET: Article updated to make it clearer that some devices do not support the anti-spoofing feature of Windows Hello.

              And still, I didn’t bring the subject, you did.

            24. No, all I said originally was “FaceID is faster, more secure, easier, and works extremely well.” That’s just fact. It is you who have tried many different angles to pooh pooh FaceID. You’ve failed miserably.

              Your linked article only proves me right. Thanks. Oh how the sad sad sad trombones play for you little troll.

            25. You said a lot more than just your comment about flicking. Let’s review what you said.

              “my Window slaptops have perfect FaceID + Fingerprint. My phone iris + fingerprint. They have for years.”

              Yes, so perfect they can be fooled by a photo. What’s a slaptop?

              “How does it exceed instant recognition and unlock?”

              Ummm, how about not being fooled by a photo?

              “the Intel 3d depth camera was out long before Apple used it or something similar.”

              Buh buh buh Apple wasn’t first! Still easier to spoof this than Apple’s FaceID. But they were first so good for them?

              “A lot good any ID system does if it can be bypassed.”

              Moving the goalposts to oh oh wait let’s stop talking about FaceID because I know it’s better but I won’t admit it to devices can be hacked so being wrong about FaceID doesn’t matter.

              “Still not impressed with FaceID over what my PCs do.”

              Now pretending you don’t care. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be replying to every single comment and digging up links to post.

              “But the Surface does go 3D, so does my HP.”

              Yet the Surface Pro 4 was spoofed by a photo. How does the Surface “go 3D” exactly?

              “It doesn’t bother me that Windows was spoofed by a picture”

              Yet FaceID wasn’t so that means…

              “all I said was he wasnt flicking it right.”

              Ah. No. Sorry. The saddest trombone of all plays for you now. Waaaaah. Waaaaah.

            26. I guess the meaning of word originally escapes you. Here’s more for you. The S10 has lousy facial recognition. Just ordered an S10+. No flicking required.

            27. This is too good. From a review of the Galaxy S10+.

              “Samsung has ditched its iris scanning for the S10+, but there’s traditional 2D camera-based face unlock, which is convenient but less secure.”

              Oh, and Samsung has gesture based navigation that allows you to flick up from the bottom of the screen on the left side, middle, and right. There’s even more flicking with your S10+. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

              As a troll you are deliberately missing the point about flicking. You don’t do that to activate FaceID. You just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the phone and FaceID is so fast you won’t even notice that your phone was locked.

              Enjoy your “2D camera-based face unlock” on the S10+ 🙂

            28. The Galaxy S10+ has three gesture spots across the bottom. It is much more likely for users to make a swiping up error on that device than on any iPhone. You’ll be flicking it wrong plenty.

              What is a finderprint? Is that where you find a printed photo of yourself and unlock your phone by showing that your S10+?

              Have fun with your “2D camera-based face unlock” on the S10+.

            29. And I may even choose to use them. I don’t care about FaceID, what don’t you understand? Point is I prefer fingerprint unlock.

              That’s not why I chose Android anyway. Android is more PC lie with more manufacturers, diversity of hardware, and NO CENSORSHIP!

            30. Enjoy your “2D camera-based face unlock” and your under the screen fingerprint ID that works maybe 80 to 90 percent of the time as widely reported in reviews. Oh, also widely reported, the fingerprint ID on the S10+ won’t work with some screen protectors. More fun and so many sad trombones.

            31. I did explain how to use FaceID already when I wrote “You just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the phone and FaceID is so fast you won’t even notice that your phone was locked.”

              You have reading comprehension issues.

              People just have to get used to it because it is a bit different. The fact remains that FaceID is superior and works great.

              Now go on and enjoy your “2D camera-based face unlock” and your under screen fingerprint ID which will fail 20 percent of the time and be sure to not put a screen protector on your S10+ because the fingerprint ID might fail 100 percent of the time. So many sad trombones for you.

            32. How convenient for you that all the stuff that doesn’t work very well or at all on your S10+ is stuff you don’t care about.

              I don’t have to tell TTM anything. It was already explained in detail. Again we see your reading comprehension problem.

              Scurry on home little troll and enjoy your “2D camera-based face unlock” that you don’t need and don’t care about. Hmmm but that’s very different from what you said earlier.

              “my Window slaptops have perfect FaceID + Fingerprint. My phone iris + fingerprint. They have for years.”

              That sounded a lot like bragging about how your devices already had systems that were just as good as FaceID for years already. Turns out that wasn’t close to the truth. So sorry more sad trombones for you widdle troll boy.

              I still don’t know what a “slaptop” is. Did you build that yourself?

            33. Bwah ha ha ha! Just saw a video of someone unlocking the Galaxy S10+ with a photo taken on another smartphone. All they had to do was hold the smartphone with the photo of the person up to the S10+ and it unlocked. In the same video review the fingerprint ID barely worked half the time. Enjoy that quality flagship device! Woot! Woot!

            34. Android forums are full of people complaining that the fingerprint ID on the S10+ doesn’t work much of the time. Samsung even released this statement about it.

              “There can be many occasions where users find the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work well, for example, when you are in a dry environment, or when your finger skin is really dry, or when you have a scratch on your fingerprint”

              If it works all the time for you I guess all those other people having problems are just… fingering it wrong. Bwah ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

  2. I don’t care if Apple comes out with one or not, folding a device that bends functional areas such as the screen will only shorten its effective life.. Even Razr’s and similar devices had fails because of hinge issues…

  3. I do sometimes wonder if Woz actually did work at Apple, the rarely are first to market though maybe he is still set in the 80s when perhaps it seemed they just might be from his viewpoint.

    But in regard to folding phones I would be deeply concerned if Apple produced what we are seeing at the moment and if they did Cook would rightly be slated. Samsungs version visually alone just isn’t an acceptable design in my view expecially at that price whereby apart from the clunky folding mechinism little if anything is as good as non folding phones sadly. It’s at least a year too early effort for the sake of being first and that is not Apples style. Huawei’s version superficially at least looks better but has its own limitations and a fold line according to some and an even bigger price tag it seems.

    Whatever Apple produces it has to be, and I am sure will be better than these phones exactly as the Apple Watch was upon launch despite being over a year later than Samsungs equally clunky early attempts at the platform and of course still is, far superior. There is reputation resting on it, something the others really don’t have to worry about too much as the exploding phones fiasco proves.

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