“In July Patently Apple posted two reports regarding Samsung’s obsession with bendable smartphones and/or foldable smartphones,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple’s first patent regarding foldable smartphone form factors was discovered by Patently Apple in a European patent filing in 2013,” Purcher reports. “We discovered a second patent filing in Europe regarding a foldable smartphone in 2014. Today we were surprised to find that Apple was granted their first patent covering a foldable and/or bendable future iPhone that was never published before as a patent application under Apple’s name. Apple must have kept it secret by filing it under their engineer’s names and not under Apple to avoid detection. In this patent, Apple reveals the possible use of carbon nanotubes to facilitate their new smartphone form factor.”

“Conductive carbon nanotube paths can form signal paths that are flexible and resistant to cracking,” Purcher reports. “The carbon nanotube structures may be incorporated into signal cables such as flexible printed circuit cables, rigid printed circuit boards, printed circuits that include rigid portions with flexible tails (sometimes referred to as ‘rigid flex’), portions of display structures, portions of touch sensors such as capacitive touch sensor arrays for displays or track pads, camera structures, antenna structures, housing structures, internal device structures, electrical components, substrates, brackets, housing walls, other structures, or combinations of these structures.”

Read more and see Apple’s patent application illustrations in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hmm. Very interesting in many respects, including Apple’s seeming intent to avoid detection.