Apple was worth more than $1 trillion at the start of the month, it’s now valued at $880 billion

“Apple was worth more than $1 trillion at the start of November,” Matt Phillips writes for The New York Times. “Now, it’s valued at $880 billion.”

“The mighty tech titans and their seemingly endless pipeline of profits, which powered one of the longest bull markets in stocks, are looking a little less invincible,” Phillips writes. “Shares of Apple and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, are down more than 10 percent since the market peaked, while Facebook and Amazon have dropped more than 20 percent.”

“Investors’ faith has been eroded by slowing growth and a trade war with China, as well as a steady stream of revelations about privacy lapses, security issues and mismanagement,” Phillips writes. “When the stock market hit its peak in September, technology had led the way, accounting for 50 percent of the gains for the year… Not anymore. Through Friday, roughly a quarter of the market’s decline since September was because of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet, according to data collected by S&P Capital IQ. The sharp sell-off on Monday will only add to that tally.”

“The specter of regulation is looming over the shares of Facebook, as it deals with the fallout and costs from a data breach, privacy lapses and management missteps,” Phillips writes. “Alphabet likewise faces a regulatory crack down on business practices in Europe, and concern from elected officials in the United States about political bias… Soft demand for Apple’s new phones has hurt its shares and those of its suppliers.”

MacDailyNews Take: There is no proof that demand is soft for Apple’s new iPhones. Just some specious conjecture. The New York Times errs in reporting “Soft demand for Apple’s new phones” as fact.

“Since Apple’s share price peaked at just over $232 on Oct. 3, the stock has plummeted by nearly 20 percent, lopping more than $200 billion off the company’s market value,” Phillips writes. “Its shares were down nearly 4 percent Monday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those were some expensive unit sales figures.

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  1. Wow.. nice bit of stock manipulation. This is worst than many times before, but those of us long term Apple Investors are used to this…

    I could be wrong, but it seems a statement of some kind from Apple could mitigate some of these serious slides in stock value.

    1. Apple should say nothing while buying back its stock. Apple should stay quiet until it’s next earnings report. Let the scaredy-cat investors run around in circles looking for a magic stock that will give them gains.

  2. There’s plenty of proof that Apple didn’t expand their markets by enough to make up the 2% lack of sales that would have made the quarter a huge success. There’s also plenty of proof that there are no new killer products, and updates.

    There’s also plenty of proof that customers are complaining about the existing products such as needing dongles for every connection including Iphones into Macbooks,
    or No Mac Pro and Ipad Pro’s that still lack basic functionality that a Surface has.

    There’s also this, Worst optics ever.

    vs new killer products for the deplorables.

    I’m pissed because the miss in sales wasn’t by much, and Apples “we wait for customers to come to us” attitude needs to see someone’s ass get fired. Especially when they have ONLY 10% of any market.

    1. With the product and price point mix of the current product line, there is no way Apple will expand their markets; it will rather contract.

      While the US domestic market to a certain extent is OK, currency issues and median income issues elsewhere make them particularly exposed with the very high price point of all products.

  3. I still have’t upgraded my iPhone X even though entitled to. I wonder how many others have done the same?

    Hmmm, I notice the usual adblocking techniques no longer work here at MDN with their greedy and slavish ad proliferation contributing to an undesirable and blemished site experience. Funny how MDN is quick to criticize others for this type of FAIL but fails to look into his own site mirror. Might have to leave (no applause please) for a while until a new solution comes into place making this site tolerable again. So long for now.

  4. Apple is now barely worth more than Microsoft. Even after the market has collapsed, Microsoft has a hefty P/E of 41 to Apple’s (steel mill going out of business) P/E of 14. How do you like those Apples? It only shows how poorly valued Apple is to its peers. Microsoft’s cloud business is considered much stronger than Apple’s iPhone business and that hurts. I still don’t understand why Apple decided not to acquire a cloud business which Wall Street believes is an unlimited growth market. Apple would have had much more strength to support it through these times.

    Anyway, I’m not concerned as long as Apple is buying back stock and Warren Buffett is buying more Apple stock. I’m still getting my dividends, so I’ve nothing to fret about. I do believe Apple’s share price will rise close to former levels by the next earnings report. All this news media doom and gloom mean next to nothing.

    I actually didn’t think Apple would be able to hold that $1T market cap for very long because I figured one poor quarter would take it away. I was right in thinking that way, only the recent quarter didn’t seem all that terrible enough to erase $220B from Apple’s value. Oh, well… I’m the fool.

  5. to this sell off I what I can say is that I just bought another (approx) $ 10,000 worth of aapl.

    If it drops more tomorrow I might buy more.
    ( I’ve keep over 100 k in cash savings account for several years for something like this. I KNEW this was gonna to happen. )

    I’ll NOT buy if there is CONCRETE info like a guidance change downwards from Apple etc. Investment is an inherently risky game but even I who have been criticizing Apple management a lot over hardware like Mac Pros think the sell off is overblown.

    I hung in there when I my aapl went down 50% or so in 2007-8 . The stock then if you adjust for split is equal to about $20 today.
    What I’m saying during that 2007 crash people were saying $20 was too rich and you should sell.

    On paper (since I’ve not sold any shares recently) I’ve lost hundreds of thousands. So lets see whether I guess right one more time !
    All of us long time holders still have made lots of moolah even with the drop off.

    NOTE: like I said before if the price keeps dropping and people keep selling and Apple keeps buying them up and ‘retiring’ the shares , they have $100 b in savings and tens of billions earnings every month to do this , then in a FANTASY if you were the LAST Shareholder standing, you will own a company that generates 40-100 + billion every three months!

    At this price 177 or so , it will take current Apple earnings with zero growth (and not dipping into savings) to buy back all the shares in 15 years or so.

  6. “Freeeeeeee…. Free fallin'”…

    Lots of investors taking profits for the year (causing others to grab as well) from one of the best performing stocks of the year. Also, people are expecting pushback on the tax cut, rising interest rates, Trump’s trade war and other Piper-paying ahead as the post-recession recovery slows. Apple had a great run, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it back to the $150’s or lower. Also, not much news or any new products coming out to spark an Apple recovery in the next few months.

  7. Apple is in free fall and for good reason.

    Pipeline has turned this company into a one product company.

    Pipeline has burned so many customers, no one trusts him.

    Pipeline doesn’t do basic upgrades forcing loyal customers to head off to Windows.

    Pipeline raised prices to try and hide falling sales, the investors noticed and the stock has been dropping like a rock since.

    Pipeline has nothing new on the horizon, not even updates to get the Mac line up even footing with windoze machines. For $500 you can get a budget windoze machine with an i7 processor, for $1000 you can get a mac computer with an i3.

    It’s not a surprise the stock has dropped off a cliff.

    1. Yes, Pipeline has turned the company into a one-trick pony. Customers are losing faith in his leadership and so is Wall St, incapable of basic upgrades that Windows excels at (that one hurts), and as you pointed out Apple computers are twice the price at half speed. When more regular customers figure this out no longer shackled to the illusion of fashion or status, realize bang for the buck, it could get much worse.

      Interesting theory I have not read before: “Pipeline raised prices to try and hide falling sales, the investors noticed and the stock has been dropping like a rock since.”

      Quite possibly Cook read the numbers in advance and tried to get out in front by raising prices to hide the decline. Looks like it may have backfired and could get worse in the coming year, we shall see.

      Amazon is offering large discounts on Apple products to sell in volume that could lead to higher profits. Unless the smartphone market is saturated, the same profit principle should apply.

      For the iPhone company this last refresh cycle spawned a few missteps. Offering TWO high end overpriced phones and and a bogus low cost XR is confusing to say the least. Add to the mix no small form factor iPhone SE that fits in smaller hands and pockets and competes in developing countries like India and China.

      If Apple were to get off its premium high horse and develop a small form factor, less expensive Apple branded phone (plastic 5Cish) to compete with runaway Android market share, imagine the sales all over the world…

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