“Apple has a bit of a problem with its iPhone. And its silence on the topic is making matters worse,” Don Reisinger writes for Fortune. “Over the last several days, analysts have said that Apple’s iPhone X, as well as its broader iPhone division, are suffering from lower-than-expected sales. One analyst went so far as to say that the iPhone X is ‘dead.'”

“Those reports, however, followed a study from Counterpoint Research that suggested Apple’s iPhone X captured more profits in the fourth quarter than any other handsets. What’s more, all iPhone models combined to generate 90% of the smartphone market’s profits,” Reisinger writes. “So, is the iPhone, and more specifically the iPhone X, in trouble? The only one who knows is Apple. And at least so far, it’s not talk.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple doesn’t respond to random analyst pronouncements. They’ve already talked specifically about iPhone X during the last conference call with said analysts:

iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the December quarter according to Canalys, and it has been our top selling phone every week since it launched. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus rounded out the top three iPhones in the quarter. In fact, revenue for our newly launched iPhones was the highest of any lineup in our history, driving total Apple revenue above our guidance range… The iPhone X was the most popular and that’s particularly noteworthy given that we didn’t start shipping until early November, and we’re constrained for a while. The team did a great job of getting into supply demand balance there in December. But since the launch of iPhone X, it has been the most popular iPhone every week, every week sales. And that is even through today, actually through January… We feel fantastic, particularly as it pertains to iPhone X. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, February 1, 2018

“All of that apparent bad news came after Counterpoint Research revealed this week that Apple’s iPhone X captured 35% of the smartphone market’s profits during the fourth quarter. Apple’s iPhones collectively captured 90% of smartphone profits during the period,” Reisinger writes. “Even if the iPhone’s sales are off, in other words, no other company can generate a profit like Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We won’t know for sure until we see this quarter’s (Apple’s fiscal Q218) results in May, since iPhone sales actually did increase YOY when you compare apples to apples, as opposed to comparing the 13-week 2017 holiday quarter to a 14-week 2016 holiday quarter and calling it a “decline,” when it wasn’t.

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