iPhone X owners are extremely satisfied with basically everything except Siri

“Last month, we conducted a study on iPhone X owners. Most of the respondents in our survey were from the US, but we did have pockets of respondents from many parts of Europe,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “Our study intentionally focused on the early adopter part of the market due to this cohort being one of the larger majority groups of iPhone X owners. We knew focusing on this cohort would yield the highest volume of owners and we were right.”

“Interestingly, when it comes to customer satisfaction with a product, we have not seen much variance between how early adopters and mainstream consumers rank products they like,” Bajarin writes. “In fact, if anything, early adopters tend to be more critical and less satisfied overall than mainstream consumers. Which is why when we see customer satisfaction from the early adopter profile come in as quite high, we know the product in question is quality.”

“When it came to overall customer satisfaction, iPhone X owners in our study gave the product an overall 97% customer satisfaction. While that number is impressive, what really stands out when you do customer satisfaction studies is the percentage who say they are very satisfied with the product,” Bajarin writes. “In our study, 85% of iPhone X owners said they were very satisfied with the product. That number is amongst the highest I’ve seen in all the customer satisfaction studied we have conducted across a range of technology products.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X is certainly a notch above. You can have our iPhone X units when you pry them from our cold, dead hands.

While unsurprising, the abysmal results for iPhone owners’ satisfaction with Siri do stand out like a sore thumb.

Interns, perform you most important job of the week! Cheers, everybody!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. If Apple cannot make Siri useful as an assistant, they should spin the service off and sell it back to the market and let someone else try. Otherwise they should take it out of the phone because inadvertently activating a useless service on a regular basis is an annoyance. iPhone should stop reminding me that it has a core service that doesn’t work the majority of the time. Customer sat will increasingly fall Tim once we are thoroughly sick of it.

        1. Agree with your post. Here’s another idea. A company with the most riches of all time, simply buy out the best competitor in the field. Done!

          Certainly a better investment than the rotten headphones and foul mouth acquisition of Beated …

        2. Disagree with your brainlessly stupid post, RobC.

          If you hate Siri so much, then disable it in the settings

          Your disingenuous attitude and your inability to explain you have done this shows you are a moron of the highest order if you are complaining that you accidentally invoke Siri

          Please pack up your iPhone and return it – you are too stupid to own an iPhone. Go and buy an Android and lower the IQ level average of Android owners even further

          Thank you for being so so soooo stupid that you demonstrate this to all by writing the dumbest of comments ever written

          1. I agree with RobC. Siri sucks and it is too easy to turn it on inadvertently and I do it myself several times a day and it is annoying. But, I took your suggestion and looked in Settings. I completely turned off brainless Siri on my iPhone FOREVER …

      2. We’ve been sleeping in separate bedrooms for over year now, but it doesn’t matter…she was never going to change. Simple questions still result in her bringing up some website that has nothing to do with the conversation. Also, because of our past, I’ve been very disciplined and conscious about annunciating, but to no avail. She still responded to my simple questions like I’ve got marbles In my mouth, or I’m speaking a foreign language.

        Then, it happened again this morning. I called her an idiot. She said, “after all I’ve done for you” for the thousandth time. Then, something snapped in me and I shot her. The cops came to the house, handcuffed me and now I’m in the back of the squad car heading down to be locked up. I can’t be the only one that’s gone through this…it might be time for a historical class-action insanity suit. I think it’s time that Apple step up and take responsibility for their part in the tragedy.

  1. While a lower satisfaction rating for Siri was expected, 20%?! Really? Only 1 in 5 were satisfied? And this is from a sample of respondents from mostly the US and a few from countries in Europe. Makes you wonder if the rating is ‘high’ since it excludes any respondents from the Asian countries.

    1. I have noticed a type of problem with Siri that seems to be increasing and the major reason for bad Siri results.

      If you happen to watch the screen when making a Siri request you first see the transcription of your words appear on the screen as Siri first translated the sound of your voice. Then in a second stage there is often a re-phrasing of the question that seems to attempt to take your question and choose a match with some pre-packaged answers that may come from FAQ.

      The first stage of parsing your words seems to me to be VERY accurate (some difficult phonemes excepted). However this correct interpretation of your words is often replaced by an inane or simplistic approximation of some perhaps more common query. This to me seems to be the most common reason for Siri’s growing stupidity.

      This seems to have started a couple of years ago and continues to be a growing problem. I associated it with the dropping of Wolfram Alpha but it may be of some other origin. All I know is that things Siri answered accurately with my 4S, stopped working after a year or so into my 6 with no sign of correction on my 8.

      1. Peter, some people use the voice assistant successfully and some don’t. That shouldn’t imply that those who do or don’t are losers or liars. Damn it all, when did we all become trolls!

        1. I have had mixed results with Siri like most. Being an occasional smart-ass and getting in some $cientology jabs for good measure is just fun, not trolling. Damn it all, when did we lose our sense of humor! 😉

      1. I don’t blame Cook for Siri’s feebleness. I blame Steve Jobs. It was he who saw the potential of Siri and bought the company, bringing in the original developers. Under his leadership, Siri was hobbled because of his idea that she should respond to a universal voice standard instead of a privileged user, and also because of his abhorrence of private data collection, even when it would enhance results the way Google is able to do. He also wanted to keep Apple AI research proprietary, which is not a good idea when trying to attract top scientists accustomed to working collaboratively. Steve’s paranoid insistence on user privacy has been a two-edged sword: protecting the user from violation like a scimitar-wielding Turkish eunuch but at the same time shielding her from real-world knowledge and progress. Cook has walked back some of the Jobs constraints but he waited longer than he ought, had he the insight of Jobs which changed almost daily. Who else changes their mind that often? Very few can manage it.

  2. I only use Siri on my X for Homekit, turning on lights and my airpurifier. I use it on my Watch for starting workouts, timers and the occasional reminder. I’ve internalized the “Siri sucks” message and just use it for the limited set of things I know it’ll work 99% of the time for and don’t frustrate myself with novel requests.

  3. I am so frustrated with Siri. I ask her a question and she gets it wrong most of the time. Everyone in my family has same problem. I know some smart a** will say my family can’t speak Merican, but I take on the Google app on the iPhone X and ask the same question, it gets it right the 1st time. Go figure!

    Apple really needs to focus more on Siri. Embarrassing!

    1. Well, you need to remember Apple doesn’t really have much money so they can in for afford to invest in the product also I simply don’t think that they have good people working at the company any longer

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