No, your new Apple iPad Pro won’t bend – unless you want it to

“Judging by a new YouTube video from JerryRigEverything, we’re supposedly on the verge of a new “Bendgate.” Holding the edges of the new 11-inch iPad Pro in the video, host Zack Nelson jams his thumbs into the back of the tablet, pulls, and—shock, I guess?—the $799+ tablet cracks and then folds together like a chapbook of college poetry,” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld. “I’m holding my 12.9-inch model right now, and I can easily see how I could work the same magic if I handled it with the same violence.”

“If I wanted to bend back the older iPad Pro, I could,” Johnson writes. “Fortunately, I’ve managed not to do that since 2015.”

“Every single tablet I’ve handled will bend or break if I jam my thumbs into the back and push with all my strength. But then again, so will my MacBook’s display—and far more easily. And yet we never hear about controversies with them,” Johnson writes. “So take this as a lesson: Don’t forcefully try to bend your iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, if you try to bend a high-tech item encased in glass and aluminum, it will bend. For erudition such as this, YouTube was invented.

Bendgate 2: Apple’s new, ultra-thin iPad Pro models may be prone to bending – November 16, 2018


  1. I guess given the chance and the required access you could do this in an airliner too. Indeed we could do a lot of bending on our cars too. We just aren’t stupid enough to want to.

  2. I’ve an older iPad Pro 12.9 which I use every day when I’m out of the house (my house go to are Mac Pros).

    I’ve (maybe stupidly) abused my iPad Pro over the years. I carry it in a knapsack with other stuff, sometimes even with a lunch box. I’m artist so it’s with me all the time. A few days ago I SAT on it in the car. I sometimes use it in the rain, living in the Northwest you have no choice in this !, etc.

    It still works perfect. The iPad is pretty tough.

    I don’t believe the new one is so much weaker and I’m ordering one when I find a good Black Friday sale.

  3. I have a friend whose daughter had an iPad mini. On a family trip to Texas, a cousin sat on it and bent it ninety degrees in the middle. They straightened it out and it still worked. They continued to use it some for a while, I think because it has a screen protector to save fingers from edges of glass. It did shorten the life of the little guy though.

  4. Apple has become a patsy for YouTubers everywhere. Any tablet will bend but only bending an iPad will generate millions of clicks.

    Of course, apparently, the complaint is that with all the money you’re paying for an iPad Pro, it should be indestructible. I’m not sure why, though. Even the most expensive sports cars can become damaged rather easily, especially if you actually try to damage them. I don’t know to what degree Apple would have to go to make the iPad unbendable but I’m sure it would add a lot more weight and thickness to the design and not everyone would be happy about that.

    I’m not defending the iPad Pro. I just know if it were mine, I would treat it rather delicately and definitely not try to bend it. I would go so far as to put it into a case if I were going to place it in a backpack. I never like to take risks with expensive electronic products. It’s not as though I’m a soldier depending upon the device in the field. Companies usually build a tough version of a product for that abuse.

  5. Yes, anything will bend. In other news, any fragile thing will be fine if you protect it adequately. The question I have is why Apple continues to play the stupid thinness game at all. Nobody who buys an iPad or MacBook or iPhone wants Apple to reduce thickness, they haven’t asked for this since the first iPhone was revealed.

    But no matter, Apple doesn’t listen to users that want more battery, a place to safely dock a Pencil, multiple ports for usability, or other easy conveniences that make user’s lives better. No, Apple doesn’t listen. Instead Sir Ive obsesses on removing features and with each reduction he tempts idiots to bend his thin aloooominyum gadgets.

    Apparently Apple just has no reality check against Ive’s unhealthy obsession with product thinness.

    Making the product 0.5mm thicker than the competition would result in a stronger product, with more battery space, which would eliminate the bad press and garner greater user appreciation for the improved battery performance.

    Alas, Apple doesn’t care about performance. It is a slave to its own ridiculous styling fetishes now. Thanks for nothing Jony.

    I wonder if he realizes how ridiculous it looks to have a paperthin iOS gadget sitting on a desk next to an ugly plastic LG monitor, a tall shiny black trashcan, a mess of cables, and a pile of various color and shaped 3rd party boxes and bricks and docks that Apple just couldn’t keep making internal to the Apple devices — and also a space grey MBP plugged into the last fully featured white wired keyboard that was decent from Apple.

    Haute Couture? Only in Apple’s bizzaro land.

    1. “a tall shiny black trashcan, a mess of cables, and a pile of various color … ”

      Sometimes I wonder if Jony wants us to just put the Cylinder on the table , never plug it in and JUST ADMIRE IT,

      I’m crazy?
      Maybe I’m just being sarcastic but…

      Look at the Apple Coffee Table Book , you know the one with specially milled paper, bespoke Apple only ink and Silver Gilt edges, it has photos (done by a very expensive top rate photographer) and PRACTICALLY NO TEXT. There is no context of how the products ARE USED. Practically nothing about the work put into processors or Os or how people interact with them. That’s the ONLY Apple made book about Apple products and it only treats Apple products as SCULPTURE and not as Computing devices !

      (the book is so text light that some reviewers confused the manufacturing TOOLS in the photos as Apple PRODUCTS !)

      That’s because Jony friends now are all in the fashion, furniture, architecture design fields, none of whom would understand the USE of a Mac Pro just the the SHAPE , and who understand WATCH BANDS . Jony is building things to please them and to win ‘design awards’ i.e making ‘jewelry, furniture, buildings’ etc.

      Look at his videos and speeches for the last few years, the majority are on architecture (Campus , Apple stores) and the Watch.

      I think Jony is a genius , I even read his bio, but if he’s not interested in COMPUTING, maybe it’s time to hang up his hat at Apple. But I think he knows he will never get the money or rock start treatment if he worked somewhere else.

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