Qualcomm claims Apple owes them $7 billion in royalties while Apple says 73% of Qualcomm’s patents have expired

“Qualcomm Inc. says its fight with Apple Inc. over how much the chipmaker can charge for essential patented technology used in iPhones and iPads is getting pricey,” Edvard Pettersson and Bill Callahan report for Bloomberg. “‘They’re trying to destroy our business,’ Qualcomm lawyer Evan Chesler said at a hearing Friday in federal court in San Diego. ‘They’re now $7 billion dollars behind in royalties. The house is on fire and there is $7 billion of property damage right now.'”

“Apple, through its manufacturers, halted royalty payments to Qualcomm last year and the tech giants’ showdown has escalated into some 100 legal proceedings around the world,” Pettersson and Callahan report. “Apple argues that Qualcomm is using its intellectual property to bully customers into paying excessive royalties even as it tries to duck scrutiny over whether its patents are valid. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is destroying your business because it’s a sham that deserves to be destroyed.

Qualcomm’s unreasonable, illogical, and irrational licensing scam, which charges a percentage of the total cost of all components in the phone, even non-Qualcomm components, must end.

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    1. That’s an eye blink in court years. Anyhow, this case hasn’t taken as long as the Samsung cases.

      And this case took off after the Supreme Court Lexmark ruling, which prevents double-dipping, which is what Qualcomm apparently is doing. My understanding is that the Lexmark case ruling was only a little over a year ago, so not that long ago.

    2. I work with a lot of lawyers and I often joke with them that they are dragging things out on purpose. Even the smallest of cases can take years. The paperwork is mind boggling. Nothing but discovery and pleadings going back and forth and on and on and yada. And after all that they might settle out of court.

      I keep telling them that it’s crap because on TV complex cases get to court and are tried in 40 minutes with commercials.

  1. Qualcomm has already lost a bunch of lawsuits in other countries filed by various companies.

    It’s not just that Qualcomm is greedy but that Governments have failed to keep up with the technicalities or enforce standard essential patents. Governments make certain companies tech like Qualcomm as standard yet don’t set terms or enforce them properly.

  2. Apple has the courage and much deeper pockets other companies don’t to see this through and bring Qualcomm down to size. This is what terrifies Qualcomm. They have met their match and then some in Apple. Their abusive & entitled day is done.

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