What to expect when Apple debuts new Macs and iPads on October 30th

“Apple Inc. is about to give two product lines much needed upgrades after the gadgets slipped into the towering shadow of the iPhone,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “On Tuesday, the Cupertino, California-based technology giant will take the stage in Brooklyn, New York, to unveil new Mac computers and iPad tablets. ”

“The main news on Tuesday will be revamped iPad Pros with Face ID and a new charging port, a new laptop destined to replace the aging MacBook Air, and a new Mac mini geared toward professional users, according to people familiar with the plans,” Gurman reports. “The update to the iPad Pro will… [feature] nearly edge-to-edge screens with slimmer, symmetrical bezels like the latest iPhones. A USB-C connector for charging and syncing data, the first time Apple is bringing this charging standard to its iOS devices… The iPad’s external look will be redesigned as well. It will include more squared-off sides like the iPhone 5, 5S, and SE from a few years ago.”

2018 iPad Pro renders (via 9to5Mac.com)
2018 iPad Pro renders (via 9to5Mac.com)

“Here’s what the company is preparing for the Mac line, according to people familiar with the company’s plans,” Gurman reports. “A new entry-level laptop to replace the aging MacBook Air… It will have a higher-resolution 13-inch screen, as well as slimmer bezels around the display. The first update to the Mac mini since 2014, adding new processors and features for professional users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We know pretty much what to expect for iPad Pro and the 13-inch MacBook, but the real wild card is the “professionally-focused” Mac mini – we cannot wait to see it!


        1. “Why did that offend you so…?”

          You don’t remember 90%+ of JS posts for years follow the same meme. When Apple is criticized no matter how constructive, his instant response is always the same — leave immediately. Easily offended fanboy for sure.

          Your Trump analogy is spot on and illustrates the point…

    1. I am cautiously optimistic for machines that can grow with the user over time, but am prepared to be disappointed.

      Since anything they release now cannot run any useful version of macOS server, all that must go to Linux anyway.

    1. i second your view

      I have my fingers crossed that new Mac Mini is what people asked for, power, reasonable ability to upgrade like install RAM etc

      For iPad Pro
      my main peeve is the much touted Apple Pencil. i think reviewers haven’t used high end Cintiqs and praise the Apple Pencil too much. Cintiq pencils are more accurate (the side shading ‘flare’ of the Apple Pencil is too inaccurate as to be useless), don’t need recharging having no batteries and have erasers on the end . Imagine never having to charge an Apple Pencil!

      BTW i’m typing this on my 12.9 iPad Pro.

      1. For me, the Pencil works nicely with a range of software, such as Procreate.
        I have tried various types of stylus in the past, but they haven’t suited my drawing hand.
        I’ve just looked up high-end Cintiqs, and they cost far more than an Apple Pencil, so that extra cost really needs to be justified

        1. Wacom Cintiq Pens cost about the same as an Apple Pencil. About $100. The Cintiqs (the screen) like the 27 inch one I’m looking at typing this costs a couple of thousand.

          I really like my iPad Pro but no way is the drawing experience equal to my Cintiqs. No charging, eraser on end, response etc really makes a difference.

          I have changed the barrel of the Cintiq pen to the ‘fat’ version and it makes it easier to hold than my Apple Pencil as well. I understand they make the Apple pencil slim and neat as it is used also by executives but as a drawing tool I use for hours I need it be comfortable. I’ve put a cheap plastic grip sleeve on my Apple pencil.

    1. it’s a total embarrassment they are still selling that 2013 machine. Most pros the machine is aimed for are familiar with specs and any of them will laugh their heads off or be appalled by the price / power ratio of Apple’s ‘flagship’ desktop. A mid range gamer PC can have GPUs three times faster today.

      i have three Cheese Grater Mac pros upgraded so i’m not a Mac hater. The Cylinder was just wrong design wise.

    2. I find that interesting. And I don’t think the trash can is a bad design for a reasonable desktop.

      If Apple wants to keep the cylinder design they could reuse it including non-Xeon parts, reduce the price give it some options and call it the Mini Pro. They could eliminate one GPU, to keep the price down and use that space to add another functionality.

  1. My iMac wish list:

    Drive bay like a PS 4 has.
    HDMI input, so I can use that nice screen for Cable, Camcorder, and PS 4.
    Sliding Lens cap for facetime camera.
    USB A, headphone jack, and SD Card slots accessible from front.
    More USB ports.
    – (Cheap Dell machines have all the above.)

    TV tuner recorder.
    Mouse like Razer hex, but actually works.
    Stop breaking old programs I still need/like/paid for. (Give me back my 32 bit programs.)

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