Apple co-founder Woz quits Facebook

“Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak said he’s leaving Facebook amid concerns about privacy and data violations,” Quentin Fottrell reports for MarketWatch. “Users provide every detail of their life to Facebook,’ he told USA today in an email. ‘Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this. The profits are all based on the user’s info, but the users get none of the profits back.'”

“Wozniak said he’d prefer to pay for the service and have more control over his data,” Fottrell reports. “‘Apple makes its money off of good products, not off of you,’ he told the paper. ‘As they say, with Facebook, you are the product.'”

“Last week, Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg denied Edward Snowden’s characterization of Facebook as a surveillance operation,” Fottrell reports. “Speaking on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, Sandberg said, ‘I don’t think that’s true and I don’t think that’s fair. Facebook at its core is a sharing service. We are not sweeping up data. People are inputting data. People are sharing data with Facebook.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Better late than never.

We use FaceBook as an RSS feed. Our CMS automatically reposts our article headlines and links them back to our website. That is our only interaction with Facebook and has been our only interaction with Facebook for years. We deleted our personal accounts many years ago.

If you want to share photos and videos with friends, text them using Apple’s end-to-end encrypted iMessage service. You need to control your social networking, not cede it to a gatekeeper like Facebook. – MacDailyNews, March 19, 2018

The problem is two-fold: Facebook – and companies like Facebook that thrive on user data (Google, for one, if not the, prime example) and gullible users who piss their privacy and the privacy of their “friends” away willy-nilly while naively sending their DNA off to be analyzed by other companies.

Stop the idiocy!MacDailyNews, March 21, 2018

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  1. Woz is lucky he can quit that service. I know of at least one service that you cannot quit once you get stuck with them. I think it’s called Word Press. Gravatars anyone?

    1. Hey man, since Adobe EOL’ed Muse we’re looking for a new web platform and was considering WordPress. Can you provide quick pro/con?

      ‘preciate ya…

      1. I’m not the one to be giving you details on the quality of their service but be aware that once you sign up for it, that’s it you (the user name and email address) are stuck with it forever. Prior to signing up I never had to enter a password at MDN for my registered handle, just my username and email. After I signed up, I have to enter another password for WordPress after each post that I make here.

        It’s been a while since I’ve looked into the issue but it you look carefully enough you’ll get confirmation of what I’ve said. You can deactivate the account but you cannot permanently remove it, in other words you (the name and the email) are stuck with it for life. All I can say is read the fine print very carefully before you sign on because once you do, you cannot delete it.

        You can read more here:

        1. I would assume that you can change your email address in your WordPress account. If so, delete all of your content and profile data and then change the associated email address to and go on your merry way.

          If you need a valid email address, then create a throwaway one or use a one-time proxy service. Not an ideal solution, I know. But a workable one.

          1. It’s been a while since I’ve gone through it, but from my understanding of our discussion (I actually emailed them a few times) once the connection is made to the email address it is permanent.

            Had I known how they work initially I would have created a bogus email account exclusively for word press.

            It’s one of those common sense traps. You can buy something and return it. Once you’ve linked up to their system it sticks to the email you initially given them. There is no returning from that there is no removal from the system. The only way to do that that I am aware of would be to obliterate the word press system

  2. I wish he would quit Twitter as well. The only feeds I get are when he goes to Outback Steak Houses and his Swarm app detailing his flight departures making his empty condo a prime target when broadcasts the absence of his residence.

  3. Shame on Facebook for what they have been doing. Good on Woz to take proactive action, other should also follow, especially MDN. The only issue is, is deleting Facebook enough, because they still do their dirty tricks silently on the back ground. In a nut shell, cutt off Facebook, it is a whole lot of FAT and a waste of space. Cut the Fat that is faceshit

    1. But Woz is influential. A not inconsiderable number of people will hear him and decide to turn off their own bathtub taps.. saving lots more water.. Network virality is a process that effectively amplifies certain messages, those possessing some sort of hook. Every celebrity is his or her own hook. You, for example. I always look for your messages, in case one of them might contain a brilliant if limited analogy.. like Johnstown

  4. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg sure lives in a clueless gilded cage. Sweeping up data is PRECISELY what you have been doing. Why do you think you under attack? Don’t be disingenuously dumb.

    Facebook: “Pay no attention to that Markie “Dumb fucks” Suckerberg behind the data curtain!”

    1. In the Cambridge Analytica scenario, FB did not collect the data and send it to the professor with Russian ties. Instead, FB *allowed* the professor to run his own app to collect data from participating users and follow links to acquire data from non-participating users. So, she is being somewhat truthful in a slimy, lawyer-like way. Ultimately, FB enabled the user data rape.

  5. Submitted a “Delete” of my account about three days ago. Not because of some protest or something. I just felt it was time. Have not used it much. At the same time, did not want to leave all of that data there.

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