Apple needs to get serious in the battle against Netflix and Amazon

“It’s been surprising how far behind Apple is when it comes to investing in content beyond music,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “Apple invest[ed] about $1 billion on non-sports video programming in 2017 compared to Netflix, which spent $6.3 billion, and Amazon at $4.5 billion. This year, Netflix could spend up to $8 billion.”

“That said, perhaps Apple has its eye on some bigger prize in the content space,” Bajarin writes. “Yes, it could create more original content and go after existing shows, but it might make sense for Apple to take a page from Sony’s playbook and buy a major movie studio, or at the very least, acquire some dedicated production companies that already have proven content and the ability to create more shows quickly.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has the money required to catch up and even surpass all competitors very quickly and they can accomplish it without buying a studio or even production companies.

Those who can wrap their heads around Apple’s massive cash mountain and the company’s unparalleled ability to generate cash can clearly see who the winner will be. The most talented producers, writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. are attracted to exactly what Apple has and makes in vast abundance: Cash. The king.

Like bears to honey, it’s happening already.MacDailyNews, January 3, 2018

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  1. I’m coming to the slow and sad realization that Apple isn’t going to win this battle, at best they can maintain and it doesn’t have as much to do with content as you would think.

    I have an Apple TV and have been a user of the product for a number of years. I recently decided to purchase a larger tv and decided that I didn’t want a smart tv because my Apple TV addresses that need. But as many of you know, when you are looking to purchase the newest and best quality tv’s available, they’re all now ‘smart’ tv’s. Meaning they come preinstalled with Roku, Amazon, and/or Netflix. Very convenient and for the average consumer who doesn’t know or care about the details of service or feature quality…this is all they see and boom, the purchase is made. So the question is why would anyone want to purchase another add-on box for redundant services. I’m guessing many Apple TV users like myself also have Netflix or an Amazon app installed, and if you can get a TV set with it preinstalled…even better. My point is…Apple needs to either build the fabled actual television set with with everything built in as many speculated (hoped) they would build or they need to make Apple TV itself an app that’s preinstalled on other sets. In my dream world, Apple would create a large display as thin as an ipad, as large as a 50+ inch tv, with Apple TV and Apple Airport (yes Airport) built into one device. And the Airport would include a dual type modem to accept either dsl or cable, hell…lets throw in a couple of 1 TB drives for storage and backup too. Imagine no cables, no need for any other devices, you simply plug in your cable or dsl connection into a small brick at the end of your plug-in and your 55 inch 5k Retina display ultra thin new “Apple TV” does all the rest.

    1. Sounds great! But like All-in-One PCs, I fear the repair bill should any single significant function go on the blink. Especially at Apple’s prices.

    1. This isn’t about profit, it’s about perception. For some reason Apple, and only Apple, needs to compete in every market all their competitors do*, otherwise they will fade away.

      *Except of course their competitors’ main businesses; search, advertising, retail, social networking, etc. For some other reason, Apple doesn’t need to win/compete in those areas to remain relevant, it’s just the “hobbies” these other companies happen to dabble in. The ironic part is that all those other main businesses happen to exist (and thrive) on Apple’s platforms.

    1. Imagine Tim Cook having to turnaround a content profit dip because an expensive TV show wasn’t the hit they expected.

      TV shows and movies would be a constant pointless distraction and drain on their device innovation focus.

      In the meantime, they could be upgrading Apple TV to be a full device citizen to match Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches by adding:
      – Full computing interface with voice and gesture control
      – Browse the web, look at maps, etc. with family and friends on your home’s large screen
      – Great visual and voice interfaces for Home Kit
      – Great FaceTime interface for room sharing video calls

      Why is the largest screen in everyone’s homes getting so little device/interface attention from Apple?

      1. With Apple’s massive cash pile, why does anyone think making a department responsible for TV programming would be a distraction to any other department in Apple?

        On the other hand you have a point, Apple does appear to operate like it can only focus on a handful of things at a time and let existing ‘legacy’ products rot on the vine.

  2. Apple should get serious about offering hi performance macs for a low price. Let see that innovation. I don’t know about others but I’m tired of seeing all the computers without the great feature being the low price system. Let me give an example, the Mac mini, with at least eight core processor, desktop type processor, and a choice of graphic cards, allowing ram user upgrades, and all for the innovative price of 599.99

    1. What you’re asking will never, ever happen. Apple already knows what we need and it’s not what we think we want. You won’t be able to upgrade the MacMini and even the high-end MacMini will top out at 4-cores on a mid-range processor. You’ll only have a choice of a single old and weak mobile GPU. Apparently, you don’t know Apple by now. For a company that’s sitting on a mountain of wealth, they’re either too stingy or unconcerned about low-end desktop users. 90% of Apple’s effort goes into iPhones.

      What we both want is likely quite easy to do as there are easily a dozen of low-end Windows PCs like that. Apple just isn’t having anything to do with it. All Apple wants is some closed appliance computer that only Apple can service. I think it sucks but that’s just how it is.

  3. If Apple limits their content to only PG and younger, then it is DOA.

    I am an adult, I like adult content. No, not type. But shows/series are PG-13 and above. I like Billions, Game of Thrones, Homeland, House of Cards. All of which are too “mature” for Apple’s standards.

    Heck, even CBS’s The Good Fight uses the F word in their non-broadcast versions. I think I saw some nip on it too.

  4. IMNSHO Apple should steer clear of producing its own content. Comitting to this would open a can of worms, a burden to support, and constitute a highly distracting loss of focus, not worthy of a company that thrives on innovation
    Instead it should

    (I) offer a one-stop shopping experience for viewing Video content (irrespective of which provider is finally streaming the video, such as Netflix). Without the customer having to manage and pay forbsubscriptions with multiple providers. Steve Jobs claimed he had finally cracked the problem of TV in the digital age.
    (ii) the Apple TV should utilize the full capabilities of HDMI to become the hub, the virtual switch for all inputs to the TV set. Indeed, HDMI allows one device to control others, in particular the Apple TV should be able to tell the TV set which of its HDMI inputs to select,

    1. IMO, Apple is only really trying to create programming to have some ‘cards’ to play when making deals with more established content providers. As it stands, Apple is somewhat at the mercy of content providers’ control of pricing.

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