Apple’s iPhone X won’t be in stock consistently for months

“After initial doom-and-gloom warnings about severe iPhone X shortages at launch, things are looking up,” Chris Mills reports for BGR. “If you order a phone right now from Apple’s online store, you’re looking at a ship time of two to three weeks, which is a dramatic improvement on the six-week wait times when the iPhone X hadn’t launched yet.”

“But you still shouldn’t expect the phone to be consistently in stock — as in, being able to pop down the Apple Store on your way to work to pick one up — for a while,” Mills reports. “Apple doesn’t comment on its stock levels or manufacturing plans, but the carriers (who still sell around 75% of iPhones) do, and their forecast isn’t all that great.”

“Speaking at an investor conference, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter predicted that demand for the iPhone X would ‘roll over’ into the first quarter of 2018.,” Mills reports. “This might ultimately be the ‘super-cycle’ of iPhone upgrades that some analysts were predicted.”

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  1. This is as profound as stating at the beginning of winter that it won’t be warm and sunny for months. My X preorder from Oct. 27 scheduled to deliver in mid-December was moved up twice, it should arrive in 1 week. Anyone who wants one for Christmas will get it if they order within the next week or two.

  2. Maybe there will be a difference between availability in Apple Stores and availability through carriers?

    It doesn’t seem very sensible to assess expected stock levels in third party stores and then assume that stock levels will necessarily be similar within Apple Stores.

    Apple makes more profit from selling directly to the public, so there is certainly an incentive to make sure that the most profitable sales channel is treated as a priority.

  3. Stopped by Apple store last week in St Louis (at non busy time of day). Three full time Apple Store employees were 10 feet out from the front door into the mall greeting people queued in a rope line. I stood there for a few minutes. Three customers at a time meet the Apple store employees for 1 minute each.

    Customer: “ I promised my fiancé I would get her a iPhone X.”

    Apple employee: “We don’t have any in stock”

    Customer: “what day should I come back?”

    Apple employee: “We don’t know when the iPhone X will be in stock “

    Lather rinse repeat.

    1. So you’re upset with Apple retail employees (who have zero control over inventory and make a few dollars above minimum wage) for telling the truth? Would you have preferred that they lied and told all the customers to return the next day as they’ll definitely have iPhone Xs in stock. Or maybe the Apple employee should have simply waved a Harry Potter wand and made dozens of iPhone Xs magically appear.

      Gbs = FAIL

  4. Bleeding Edge.

    Apple’s delayed products are crap marketing. Blaming Tim Cook is a great idea.

    Then again, Apple gets bleeding edge bragging rights, which does impress those willing to put up with The Bleeding Edge Effect. Techno lust has a positive market effect. It’s about emotion. Just so people understand the allure. Whether the wait is worth it is another matter. Have fun! 😍🤩

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