Nearly a year later, AirPods remain unrivaled as world’s best truly-wireless earbuds

“Even a year on, Apple’s AirPods are largely unrivaled,” Benjamin Mayo writes for 9to5Mac. “They may look a bit funny to wear, and only come in one colour, but it’s hard to argue anyone else is close to matching Apple in the truly-wireless headphone space.”

MacDailyNews Take: White is not a color. Nor is it a colour. (Sorry, fine arts degree*; still waiting for my first coffee. Hint, hint, interns!)

“The earbuds themselves are very light and fit into a tiny charging case. It’s almost impossible to tell that the buds — which look just like EarPods with their wires cut — contain tiny batteries, antennas and Bluetooth chips,” Mayo writes. “The buds can last five hours of music playback without needing a charge. Drop them in the carrying case and mere minutes later they are topped up to full again. The case can recharge the buds fully about four times, so you can get more than a day’s worth of total music playback in your pocket.”

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

“The W1 chip offers seamless pairing with all your Apple devices and the Bluetooth range is impressive,” Mayo writes. “AirPods are a perfect complement to Apple Watch, especially with the watchOS 4.1 update with iPhone-free Apple Music streaming. AirPods symbolise a quintessentially Apple product. Simple, elegant, and futuristic… There are a lot of other brands trying to make competitive wireless earbuds, but they are either really expensive or just not very good.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, AirPods just sound so much better than you think would be possible. More than once, while using AirPods, we’ve thought, “Wow, these things sound pretty, pretty, pretty good!”

At $159, Apple’s sublime AirPods are worth every single penny and then some for the convenience, ease-of-use, lightweight-but-stays-in-ears-ability, battery life, and sound quality for the money they provide in spades.

*And, no, that thing is no Leonardo, either!

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  1. Love my AirPods. It’s the best way for communicating with Siri. They stay in(on) my ear, unless you forget them (which is easy to do), when you take off a tshirt or a sweater, or fidget with your hoodie/tuque.
    And I love the combination of all colours!

  2. “More than once, while using AirPods, we’ve thought, ‘Wow, these things sound pretty, pretty, pretty good!’ ”

    Well as for myself, more than one, while using AirPods I’ve thought, “Wow, these things sound REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good”

    Just saying

  3. I want to like them, I would like to buy them, but I’m a bit miffed that Apple doesn’t have a broader fit-solution for the percentage of people like me. The 3rd party “glove” addition aids the fit of the wired version, but the fit isn’t anything to rave about and they don’t enable recharging with the wireless.

  4. Let’s hope the world doesn’t get as anal as MDN over White’s status as a colour. Just imagine the complexity of describing colour options for anything we buy. I’m about to get a wall Heater, just not sure whether to get it in a no colour spectrum option or a full colour spectrum option though I am. It even sure that would be correct as in CMYK I might get the opposite to what I want. Let’s just stick to colour/color shall we to save our mental health.

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