“Despite the quirky design that makes it look like your ears are smoking mini e-cigs, AirPods are unmistakably an Apple product,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “It may look like Jony Ive merely severed the cord on a pair of EarPods, but the tiny buds are packed with cutting-edge features. From how they pair to the smart way they handle your tunes, Apple’s first crack at wireless headphones are as much about showcasing new tech as it is about replacing a century-old standard.”

“They’re not simply there to fill a void where a pair of wired headphones used to be—we’ve already got several pairs of wireless Beats for that,” Simon writes. “AirPods represent a platform for the future that extends far beyond our ears.”

Simon writes, “While the iPhone and Apple Watch are certainly poised to take advantage of AirPods’ innovations, the potential impact on the products Apple is still developing is even more intriguing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Simon is dead on target: “Add a cellular chip to Apple Watch and suddenly the iPhone is no longer AirPods’ best companion.”

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