ESPN tests Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 Plus at the US Open

“When Novak Djokovic signs the case to your iPhone 7 Plus, you know you can’t get any closer,” ESPN reports. “Surprisingly, this is what happened to our photographer, Landon Nordeman, who joined the scrum of autograph-seeking fans swarming Djokovic as he made an impromptu public appearance at this year’s US Open.”

ESPN reports, “With an exclusive opportunity to photograph the US Open with an unreleased iPhone 7 Plus, Nordeman documented the world’s greatest tennis tournament from the intimate perspective of a participant.”

“Working with the new two-camera system on the iPhone 7 Plus encouraged Nordeman to react instinctively and quickly to the moments he discovered around the grounds while looking like another fan. The autofocus and exposure performed exceedingly well in various lighting conditions — so that even with one hand, he could get the shot,” ESPN reports. “Nordeman was able to execute his signature style — surprising moments from unique perspectives, using color and composition without distracting his subjects — in a fresh way by using the phone instead of a big camera lens and flash.”

Novak Djokovic makes an unplanned public appearance and signs autographs for fans. (Photo: Landon Nordeman)
Novak Djokovic makes an unplanned public appearance and signs autographs for fans. (Photo: Landon Nordeman)

Many more photographs in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The camera system in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is a game-changer that’s unmatched by any would-be competitor.

Sports Illustrated shows off stunning photgraphs shot on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus flagship – September 12, 2016


  1. Since I take few pictures it’s not a big deal and I am passing on 7 Plus. Sticking with my 6s Plus til next year. Waiting for iPad mini Pro next Spring. Buying Gold Aluminum Cocoa Sport Band WATCH 2 for now. 😀

  2. I’d love to upgrade my 6s plus to the iPhone 7 plus however I’m on the upgrade program and they immediately ran out of T-Mobile phones/appointments at my Apple Store.

    Why make me go into a store to do the upgrade?? Can’t they just ship me one and a box to send mine back?

    If it takes another month or two for my store to get them in stock, then this means my future upgrade to the iPhone 8 would be impacted. I’d have to pay an early upgrade fee since I’d have the iPhone 7 less than 12 months.

    Come on Apple. Grrrrr.

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