“I didn’t want to like the AirPods, I really didn’t,” Susie Ochs writes for Macworld. “But in the hands-on area after Apple’s iPhone 7 event on Wednesday, I found myself dancing along in spite of myself—and the AirPods stayed put, feeling surprisingly secure. With convenient features on both the hardware and software sides, I have to admit that Apple’s totally-wireless AirPods kind of rocked my world.”

“They’re the same general shape as the EarPods and made from the same hard white plastic. Now, that plastic has been a deal-breaker for me for years—I hate how normal EarPods feel in my ears,” Ochs writes. “hey don’t seem like they’re going to stay put, and they simply fall out if I move my head too much. Even if they do stay in, after about a half hour, my ears just start to ache, although I don’t experience the same pain when using earbuds with silicone or foam tips. Since the AirPods look so similar, I expected them to feel the same too — and I’m surprised and happy to report that I was dead wrong.”

iPhone 7 with Apple's revolutionary AirPods

iPhone 7 with Apple’s revolutionary AirPods

“Not only did I dance, I headbanged. I shook my head side to side, I tossed my hair, I jogged in place, and I looked silly doing all of it,” Ochs writes. “The AirPods stayed put, and they stayed loud. The music (more Sia, naturally) sounded full and lush and I couldn’t hear a single word anyone around me was saying, as if I was completely sealed off in a bubble of rock and roll. Pretty impressive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Very positive. We can’t wait to take them out for a run and see if they can dislodge our Jaybird X2 Sports from our ears.

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