Apple debuts new iPad + iOS 11 how-to videos

“On the heels of releasing iOS 11 today, Apple has published a few new how-to videos to its YouTube channel promoting what’s now possible with its latest mobile OS and iPad,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac.

“Today’s videos include 3 new one-minute long how-to shorts as part of the same series released last month and one video that has been updated,” Potuck reports. “The newest videos are How to copy and paste across devices with iOS, How to harness the power of the new Dock with iOS 11, How to retouch a photo, and How to magically convert handwritten notes to text then share them (updated from last month).”

“Until now, Apple hasn’t featured any third-party apps in these videos, but today’s release How to retouch a photo highlights the popular photo editing app Pixelmator,” Potuck reports. “How to magically convert handwritten notes to text then share them features the app GoodNotes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As our own SteveJack remarked seconds after Apple’s Craig Federighi unveiled iOS 11’s new features (namely, Multi-Touch Drag and Drop, the new Dock, and the Files app):

Finally, the promise of iPad is realized.

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  1. Upgraded and it’s sweet.

    Takes abit of getting used to but go on the Apple website and look at the videos and you’ll get it.

    Still playing with it to re-educate myself on the new stuff but overall a fantastic update!

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