Wired reviews Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: Virtually perfect phones – and yet already obsolete

“The first place I took the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was a sticky, late-summer wedding just outside of Austin,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “It turned out to be the perfect way to stress-test the new devices. The iPhones 8 have new cameras designed to hack it even on a drunken dance floor. Faster processors made downtime game-playing run smoother. They’re also easier to charge, so you’re less likely to get stuck with a dead phone at the end of the night.”

“Everything works great. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are virtually perfect phones. For $699 (the iPhone 8) or $799 (the Plus), you get a device that makes calls, plays games, takes pictures, shows movies, gets you everywhere, and does everything better than ever before. Apple set the standard for smartphones a decade ago, and with apologies to the Note 8 and Google Pixel, still does so today,” Pierce writes. “And yet it’s already obsolete.”

“Only minutes after Apple announced these near-perfect models of its original vision, the company re-set the bar,” Pierce writes. “The iPhone X looms large over the 8, with its tiny bezel and Face ID and amazing cameras. Want to know where smartphones are headed? Look at the iPhone X. The iPhones 8 are probably just the last, best version of what your phone looks like now. And they don’t cost $1,000. And for now, that’s great news.”

Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, powered by Apple's amazing A11 Bionic chip
Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, powered by Apple’s amazing A11 Bionic chip

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MacDailyNews Take: As expected for reviews for reviews of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are destined to be overshadowed forevermore by a very imposing “X.”

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  1. I’ll probably get the iPhone 8. I like the better camera but the plus is too large. I spend most of my time on the iPad so I don’t need the X.

    Nothing against the X. It looks great.

  2. Hyperbola! My iPhone 6S is nowhere near obsolete, so calling the iPhone 8 “already obsolete” is something only a tech writer would have the lack of perspective to write.

    1. Agreed.

      I bought the SE high storage version the first day on sale March 2016.

      I have ZERO reason to upgrade. It is the perfect size for me and does everything I need. I don’t mind the charging cable, like fingerprint ID and all in all very satisfied probably for the next five years.

      Unless of course Apple infamously bricks it or makes software updates obsolete …

        1. I upgraded from the 4S to the SE.

          Unless I’m wrong your point is Apple will obsolete the SE at some point.

          Yeah, they have been doing that for years with all their products. Five years maybe wishful thinking, we’ll see …

            1. Good god MDN, fix this dam app!! It keeps closing the keyboard and jumping somewhere in the post.
              As I was saying. Use the 4s as an example. It cannot go to iOS 11 but most apps still support 10, 9 and even lower. So most users are still ok for another year or two.

    1. The vast majority of customers do not upgrade their phone every year. Even if the difference between the 7 and 8 was smaller than it is, that’s not the comparison most people will be facing. An upgrade from a 6s (or lower) to an 8 is a huge improvement.

    1. Though I itch for the new iPhs, my 6 is still “perfect.” It’s the best of all iPh’s I’ve owned, which doesn’t mean the obvious. It’s not showing it’s age, like all others before at this point.

  3. iPhone 8 “already obsolete” ???

    Dear readers… we need psychiatric help here!

    Personally I can say I would, if needed, change my “obsolete” but still FAST and PERFECTLY working iPhone 6 for an 8.

    iPhone X…ahm… for its price I would rather get a Macbook (Pro) or iPad Pro 12,9″ instead.

  4. Stupid premise…all technology – cars, phones, aeroplanes…everything, that is released onto the market, is, by the very nature of any design being fixed at a certain point in time…obsolete. The next iteration in development is the only product that is not obsolete…until it is released. Then it’s…you get the idea.
    Same for anything printed in books, it’s obsolete long before it’s published.
    It’s just journalistic license using hyperbole for clicks. In fact the article itself is obsolete using the same logic.

  5. I have an 8 coming this Friday to replace my 5S which is getting old, runs a bit warm at times, so time to make the move. I am not an emotionally dependent teenager who has to have the latest greatest gadget for Mom and Dad to pay for and impress my friends (who will never be impressed with what YOU do, only what THEY themselves do)

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