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“So Apple summoned several tech journalists to corporate headquarters this week, and let them in on plans for the Mac, and it’s clear that the 2013 Mac Pro was a big fail,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Apple evidently totally misjudged the market.”

“This seems strange, considering the original cheese grater model, which offered plentiful space for extra drives, expansion cards, RAM and a pair of CPU slots. In slimming it down, and making all expansion external, did Apple really believe the same user base would be happy with the end result?” Steinberg writes. “If there was ever a case of form smothering function, this was it.”

“Apple Marketing VP Philip Schiller says that Apple has a team working on the next Mac Pro, but it won’t arrive this year. That assumes it’s slated for release next year, but certainly he was buying time to help mollify customers who are feeling abandoned by the company,” Steinberg writes. “In the meantime, if you must have a powerful headless Mac, Apple has cut thousands of dollars off the purchase price of the current Mac Pro, but these are all 2013 parts. There is no support for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. Apple made it a dead-end machine that will promptly vanish when its replacement arrives.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Tuesday:

Apple’s Mac Pro. Form over function.


Time for our “theoretical ‘mini tower’ Mac Pro?”MacDailyNews, December 20, 2016

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    1. It looked completely different from marketing pictures. All the nice shots on Apple’s website show a jet black machine, but it’s actually mirror-like streaky silver like the garbage they used to back their old iPods in. I hate the Mac Pro’s look, even if the shape is somewhat interesting. I’ve also found Thunderbolt 2 cables to be extremely fragile for how expensive they are. Sticking 6 of them into something designed to be turned around so much is ridiculous and asks for problems. This thing was a disaster and I’m glad it’s on its way out.

  1. There would be quite a mix of reactions if they just brought back the old Mac Pro form factor (aluminum tower) with modern components, but there would overall be a collective sigh of relief and cheering from the pro market, who’d buy them in droves.

    I think it still needs a bay capable of holding an optical drive because there’s a good chance that something will be used in that space in the next 5 years, even if it’s just another swapaple memory storage device (for example, a slide-in SSD drive or two). And there are still people who prefer to access their old optical media on their computer – especially if there’s a fancy new display coming out.

    1. Apparently there are only clumsy clueless buffoons available at Apple.

      “At Apple we look for “The Homer” style overwrought solutions no one wants or asked for in high end gear. Alienation of aghast pro users is our new mission.”

    1. LOL. Damn right. They should make a ten foot high bronzed statue of it and place it in the center of their new spaceship as a reminder of the fine line between genius and corporate ass-kissing folly.

  2. When you look around at some of the very innovative PC cases, I’m thinking the DAN case and one other, both Mini-ITX but of very small volume, it’s clear Apple could do something that would sell in volume to the pro crowd. Even if a lot of the old pro crowd have moved away from Mac OS, there will be more coming up behind who would buy.

  3. Don’t know for sure of course, but I think Ive wasn’t at the meeting because he had more involvement with the design than they (he) are letting on, and he’s miffed that pro users actually want to do pro things, not just look like they do.

    The trashcan Pro was a good conversation piece and maybe even impressive to anyone who didn’t know better, but what Ive and many others at Apple fail to realize, I think, is all those pro users usually need to connect to a server and/or have a station on-hand for rendering, etc, and they want it on site so it’s fast & accessible, and expandable so it’s relevant & a good investment depreciation-wise. And, of course Mac, because … well, Mac.

    1. They listened more to the consumers of products that gave them the most money, instead of listening to each major product’s customers equally.

      Which means that they’ve been overrun by beancounters who don’t think past next quarter’s bottom line, and only care about a customer’s very next purchase, not their subsequent ones a few years down the line.

  4. Upgradable, expandable, standard parts, modular and really Pro doesn’t go much with the Apple of today and I don’t know how Apple is going to manage a product so “retro” or simply different to their current line. But I guess it could be treated as this last small tech meeting. Will the Mac Pro be a back door project for Apple? I don’t care as long as it serves its purpose and it will receive all the support it needs. Let the Pro be different.

    So I hope the “new” 2018 Mac Pro and even a top 2017 iMac will really have a chance to please and full fill the needs of its audience.

    1. But a workstation type machines are needed for the developers, unless Apple wants all development for the Mac, iPad, Apple watch and iPhone to be done on a Microsoft PC.

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