Apple’s AirPods television commercial pushes Marian Hill’s ‘Down’ sales way, way up

“A decade removed from Apple ads breaking artists like Feist and The Ting Tings, rhythmic pop duo Marian Hill has hit the mainstream thanks to the first AirPods headphones commercial,” Gil Kaufman reports for Billboard.

“Since the ad — featuring gravity-defying footwork from dancer Lil Buck — debuted on Jan. 14, downloads for the song ‘Down‘ have jumped from negligible to 101,000, according to Nielsen Music, and the track has shot to No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100,” Kaufman reports. “Since the entrancing song from the EDM-meets-jazz pop duo hit the air as the soundtrack to Apple’s first commercial for its wireless AirPods headphones, digital song sales have jumped from negligible in the week before to 22,000 for the week ending Jan. 19, according to figures provided by Nielsen Music.”

“The skyrocketing sales are further proof that the right synch (especially an Apple-related one) can change lives overnight,” Kaufman reports. “‘You hope for it but we certainly did not anticipate the degree to which everything has exploded,’ Gongol, 26, told Billboard. ‘We grew up watching those ads.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a great ad all around, from the dancing to the music to the cinematography to the editing:

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  1. Why are they advertising products that can’t be bought? The date that they will ship and be in the stores keeps being pushed back and back and back! We ‘re into April now!

    1. I have them. You can buy them. You just have to order them. Yeah, they should be available on demand. But if you’d ordered them in the first month, you’d have them.

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