Apple met with Chinese regulators to discuss iPhone 6s unexpected shutdowns

“An Apple representative traveled to Beijing this week to discuss iPhone battery malfunctions with a consumer watchdog organization affiliated with the government,” Josh Horwitz reports for Quartz. “The meeting, held yesterday, shows that as Beijing ramps up scrutiny of Apple, the tech company continues to try and appease the government.”

“According to a statement (link in Chinese) from the China Consumer Association (CCA), a corporate-level executive arrived at the organization’s office to provide an update on the company’s findings regarding iPhone 6s devices that abruptly shut down at approximately 30% battery life,” Horwitz reports. “The group wrote that Apple does not suspect any safety issues resulted from the malfunction, and affirmed that the company would guarantee battery replacements.”

Horwitz reports, “CCA added that Apple stated it had ‘progressed’ in discovering the origin of the malfunction, though the statement did not mention any definitive origin.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Perfunctory niceties.

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  1. Trump granted Xi Jinping a favor.

    The “One China” is one of those impossible, but polite fictions which make it easier to keep the peace. And it’s worthwhile, from time to time, to remind the party insistent on that polite fiction that it is a fiction.

    Stick, then carrot. Trump knows what he is doing.

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