Apple’s App Store revenue surged on Black Friday to $169.3 million globally, setting a single-day record

“U.S. consumers spent an estimated $52 million on Apple’s App Store this Black Friday, setting a new single-day revenue record for the store,” Randy Nelson writes for Sensor Tower. “This marked an increase in spending of 31.6 percent over last year’s Black Friday, when gross revenue on the store hit an estimated $39.5 million, and 31 percent more than Christmas 2017’s $39.8 million spent, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data shows.”

“Our data further reveals that approximately $117.3 million was spent by App Store users outside the United States on Black Friday, for a global total of $169.3 million, up 18.4 percent from 2017,” Nelson writes. “Spending outside the U.S. grew 13.9 percent year-over-year, spotlighting the predominantly America-centric nature of this Black Friday bump. The year-over-year growth of 31.6 percent in the U.S. between Black Friday 2017 and 2018 was slightly greater than the 29.2 percent increase between 2016 and 2017.”

Nelson writes, “The $52 million spent on the U.S. App Store was more than double the $23.9 million we estimate Google Player users spent on the same day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

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  1. I’m waiting for all the posts explaining why we should regard a year-over-year increase of 31% as a huge failure for which the Apple CEO and the head of Apple Retail should be fired.

  2. Great News
    I but i note it’s an analyst and not Apple making the announcement, so as we disregard their ‘doom’ prognostications so we should take this with the understanding it’s limited to an analysts’ accuracy

    As i’ve said since the start of the crash, we’ll only know the real data when Apple reveals it.

    I’ve invested $10000 in aapl in this ‘correction’.
    But i would have put in 50K (out of my ‘dry powder fund of over 100k) if Steve Jobs was in charge.

    Apple is NOT doomed , it’s still a money making machine , hence my investment, but although it has hits like the phone it also has many issues from Macs, SIRI, the education market, SVPS and Cook distracted by hobbies etc
    The laser Jobs’ Apple Inc focus on products is diluted.

    about 80-90% of Apple’s revenue comes from products made by Jobs

    Macs are still way bigger money maker than Watch, Watch bands, Beats, HomePod, AirPod , TV, etc COMBINED by billions every quarter

    During the 2007-2008 crash when the stock collapsed 50% or so i even cashed out a life insurance savings policy and went all in in aapl. Because of Steve jobs and his fanaticism for products and customers.

    1. note the 10k is just extra, i’ve not sold any of my other aapl which i’ve held for years

      I try to write factual posts not to piss on Tim but to urge Apple management to put products back front and centre.
      Enough of the designer ceiling tiles, fruit farms, coffee table books, diamond rings etc when Ahrendts is trying to sell a 2013 Mac Pro today.

    2. Jobs Laser Focus

      when a staffer asked Jobs for approval to fold a fete for Apple’s 30th Anniversary, Jobs refused.

      note nobody believes Jobs own time would have been compromised as an assistant could do all the party arrangements but Jobs BLIEVED A CELEBRATION EVEN FOR APPLES OWN 30TH WOULD BE DISTRACTION and SEND THE WRONG MESSAGE TO THE TROOPS.

      as someone said”when you stepped into Jobs Apple you knew it was all focus on products” there were no notices on vacation rentals etc allowed on the staff notice boards etc

      This laser focus is what made Apple, it’s products great and the stock to soar more than any of its competitors. Made it the No.1 company in the world. Stock growth under jobs was about double cooks.

        1. what are you talking about?

          It’s not a product. The 30th Anniversary touted was a Party Celebration.

          FAST COMPANY:
          “Almost exactly 10 years ago, Pakman tells Fast Company he had what he calls a “lucid dream” about holding a big 30th-anniversary celebration at the now-closed Candlestick Park in San Francisco for all the people who had ever worked at Apple. It would be a huge party celebrating the Apple phenomenon and all the talented people who made it what it was.

          So Pakman emailed Steve Jobs and explained the lucid dream he’d had and suggested that the company actually put on the event. Pakman offered to toil away at the enormous task of setting it all up.

          Jobs responded back right away:


          Apple is focused on the future, not the past.


        2. 20th Century Mac was a insignificant rounding error (the guts were just from the normal Mac)
          SIRI , A.I is going to be the biggest thing in tech for the next 50 years, falling behind Google, Amazon etc (Eddy Cue falling asleep during SIRI meetings ) and the Education Market (chrome books from zero to 70% , almost all the rest Msft), etc are WAY WAY WAY bigger fiascos.

          Amazons smart speakers are so pervasive now that Apple is forced to concede and put Apple Music on them. Apple is losing the HomeKit market as well, as nearly all the big house developers are going with Amazon or Google smart home solutions.

          you think Jobs Hockey Puck mouse, Mac Cube (all of which he fixed within months by the way ) is equal those things and Cooks not advertising Macs for years, not updating the Mini etc for 4 years or more etc. Seriously?

          none of those Jobs things are even a big thing as Cook’s Apple TV remote.

          I didn’t even want to be SO negative on Cook but TXUser pulls my chain .
          because you think Cook is a SJW like you believe yourself to be TXuser (as your numerous fanatical comments show) you post all kinds of idiocy, please on my thread keep to facts huh?
          NOTE : I deliberately didn’t comment about Gay rights parades, diversity etc stuff.


          1. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the aapl crash the last few weeks.

            I’m still putting cash in as I believe just from buybacks even without growth the stock will slowly grind itself back there, simply because Jobs created such a money machine.

            if Jobs was around (flame me all you want TXusers of the world) I think the STOCK WOULD BE CLOSE TO 300 TODAY.
            (under Jobs second tenure, aapl averaged over 35% per annum growth.

            “Under Jobs’ helm, the Apple stock (NASDAQ: AAPL) skyrocketed in price from $5 in September 1997 after Jobs was officially appointed as interim CEO to around $376 on the day of his resignation. That translates to a total price growth of 7,420% during the 14-year period or a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.15%. “

          2. Davewrite,

            OK, let’s stick to facts. Which of my comments have been “SJW” or “fanatical?”

            The notion that a press free to criticize the government is a constitutionally protected class and not an “enemy of the people?”

            The notion that the government should not be able to dictate the editorial content of new media?

            The notion that Christianity is not privileged over Islam, any other religion, or dogmatic atheism when it comes to either the Free Exercise or Establishment Clauses?

            The notion that the Fourteenth Amendment requires due process and equal protection to everybody who is within the jurisdiction of the United States?

            The notion that Amendments 13-15 specifically deny that any particular race, color, or national origin has a privileged position that can be enforced against other groups?

            The notion that Amendment 19 not only gave women the right to vote, but all other privileges of American citizenship, including the right to be free of sexual discrimination or harassment?

            The notion that the government should not be meddling in the sex lives of its adult citizens?

            The notion that Congress and the Judiciary are co-equal branches of government with the Executive, and have an independent role in our Republic that is not subordinate to the Presidency?

            The notion that federal judges can certainly have philosophical preferences, but should not be actively involved in partisan politics, particularly not as a rubber stamp for the party in power?

            The notion that a President cannot issue an Executive Order that directly repeals a statute passed by Congress?

            The notion that I have a duty as a citizen to oppose politicians who deny any of those other notions?

            I will admit that I hold all those notions, but I do not regard any of them as fanatical. I suspect that Tim Cook holds most of them too, but that isn’t why I think he is doing—on balance, and with substantial exceptions—a good job at Apple.

            1. this is an Apple fan site not a social .org

              even when I and others post factual tech or Apple business stuff TX gets on our threads to pick a fight over nonsense – over. and over again in article after article. No criticism of Cook even on factual things like SIRI falling behind is allowed as TX believes Cook shares his social beliefs (see last para of his spiel above).

              ( when Cook does good like the 41% revenue increase last quarter i’ve praised him but I don’t have blinkers on)

              TX do you post about ‘sex lives of Adults’ as you wrote above in Car Repair forums etc?

              here, on an Apple tech fan site, fans and aapl investors like me sometimes post criticisms with facts product related to get Apple to fix the stuff we love.

            2. It isn’t the Daily Stormer, either. I didn’t mention politics until you called me a SJW. You can’t seriously accuse me of holding “fanatical beliefs” for supporting positions that were common among conservatives just three years ago and not expect me to defend myself. Has it escaped your attention that the harshest critic of Cook on this site calls him a “gay cancer?”

            3. Sean,


              because the post I was referring to:
              TXUser said things like:

              “….The notion that Amendments 13-15 specifically deny that any particular race, color, or national origin has a privileged position that can be enforced against other groups?
              The notion that Amendment 19 not only gave women the right to vote, but all other privileges of American citizenship, including the right to be free of sexual discrimination or harassment?
              The notion that the government should not be meddling in the sex lives of its adult citizens?…. ”

              Etc Etc

              which is typical of TXUser.

              But you Can’t see that can you?

              I first mentioned it above because it’s not the first time TX User has done it, gone into some else like my thread and pick an argument using some stupidity like here ‘anniversary Mac’ because to him since Cook supposedly shares his beliefs no criticisms is allowed.

              then again you probably share the same beliefs.

              Everything to too many is seen through the lens of politics or social.

              If you criticize Cook you are anti diversity, Trump supporter etc. Why don’t you people go to some social .org and argue these things.
              You can’t be ‘liberal’ and criticize SIRI ?

              MDN is no longer a place where people can just talk TECH and Apple Business.

              other sites like PED30. have completely banned stuff not directly related to Apple.


              “or supporting positions that were common among conservatives ”

              you’ve proved my point again, I’m NOT interested in conservative or liberal or whatever here in MDN
              I just want to talk tech and Apple business.


            4. OK Mr. TX,

              more than half of your “notions” are nonce.

              If the parties in control of each branch come January were flipped, I am very confident that your “notions” would be mightily opposite.

              GIVE IT A REST with the poly sci claptrap PLEASE!

              Dave made some highly accurate points about your epistles. Give us a break from them, pronto.

              Thanks, now “take a walk.”

            5. OK, which of the 11 propositions I essentially quoted from the United States Constitution are included in the “more than half that are nonce?”

              I can assure you that I have been supporting the Constitution since before I could vote. On the birthday when I first could vote, I was a member of the College Republicans because they supported those same constitutional values.

              Over the last 50 years, I have probably voted for at least 25 Republican candidates for every Democrat (and some of those were running unopposed). Why? Because they supported those same values.

              My values do not change depending on which political party is in power.They would not change if the Democrats controlled all three branches of government. I would still be supporting the freedoms guaranteed to individual Americans over the efforts of authoritarians (whether inside or outside of government) to take them away.

              To repeat, I am not the one who injected politics into this thread. That happened when I was called a Social Justice Warrior who holds fanatical views. If you think the US Constitution was written by fanatics, perhaps you should move elsewhere… assuming that you don’t already work for the Internet Research Bureau in St. Petersburg.

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