Apple CEO Cook on the passing of President George H.W. Bush: ‘We have lost a great American’

“The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq will close on Wednesday to honor former President George H.W. Bush following his death, spokespeople confirmed Saturday,” Chris Mills Rodrigo reports for The Hill.

“NYSE spokeswoman Kristen Kaus told The Hill that the exchange will also observe a minute of silence on Monday in honor of the late president, who died on Friday,” Rodrigo reports. “The Nasdaq will also observe a moment of silence on Monday, with spokesman Will Briganti saying it ‘plans to close its U.S. equities and options markets on December 5 in honor of the national day of mourning.'”

“President Trump has called for a national day of mourning on Wednesday and ordered flags to be flown at half-staff for 30 days following Bush’s death,” Rodrigo reports. “The White House said Saturday that Trump and first lady Melania Trump would also attend funeral services for the late president at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Specifics on the funeral have not yet been released.”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was among many notable people worldwide who sent his sympathies to the Bush family:

We have lost a great American. Service defined President George H.W. Bush’s life, and he taught all of us about leadership, sacrifice and decency. We send our deepest sympathies to the Bush family. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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We lost a great President, great American, and great man in former President George H.W. Bush. So evident to my wife Barbara & me, was how very thoughtful, caring and considerate a person he was. Genuine, authentic. And yes, he was kinder and gentler than most. Sure, he was strong and tough, yet he put the “gentle” in gentleman. President Bush and his wonderful wife Barbara were great friends, and we cherish the relationship we were blessed to have with them. President Bush was from the old school of dealing with friends. We probably received 25 handwritten notes from him over the years. His timing & touch were impeccable. When we lost our dear grandson Jake in 2005, the first note we received was from President Bush. He was always so respectful & incredibly supportive of everything Barbara & I did. He was a longtime member of the Memorial Tournament’s Captains Club. He attended @memorialgolf and remained supportive for years. It was an extension of our friendship but also reflective of his love and respect for the game of golf. President Bush also loved playing the game. His passion and support of golf was deep. I love to tell one story about President Bush that says so much about the person he was. It happened 20 years ago this month, when I was U.S. team Captain in the 1998 @presidentscup, played at Royal Melbourne in Australia. On the final day, President Bush stood on the first tee to greet all 24 players, one at a time. From the first singles’ pairing until the last, the temperature probably dropped 40 degrees and with it came a steady rain. President Bush stood in the pouring rain and shook every hand—with grace & a big smile. To him, it was probably a small gesture. To me, it spoke volumes about his enduring & endearing character. We are very sad today, and our hearts go out to his entire family & countless individuals who mourn a great loss. But we also feel blessed to have known a tremendous leader, a patriot, and a husband, father & grandfather with an unwavering commitment to family. As a President, George H.W. Bush touched & impacted the lives of millions. As a person, he touched the lives of the Nicklaus family more than we can put into words.

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  1. I met the man multiple times over many years and he never failed to smile and say a kind word. When in a public space he always smiled, looked people in the eye, shook their hand, and said something nice.

    While he wasn’t fiscally conservative enough for my taste, I did vote for him twice. Tim Cook couldn’t be more right: “We have lost a great American.”

    Rest in peace, George H. W. Bush.

    1. I was never fortunate enough to meet the man but will never forget taking my young kids to his inaugural parade and seeing first hand that his smile was genuine and not painted on for show.

      It was the best of times for our nation.

      1. You were fortunate enough not to meet the bad man who had a genuine smile because that meeting would have been a waste of time; You can instead meet countless good, normal men who have a genuine smile.

  2. Trump I have a feeling will not be nearly as missed when he finally shuffles or slithers off to Buffalo. For some that day can’t come soon enough.

    RIP George H. W. Bush.

    1. They said the same about Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.

      Maybe you’ve forgotten how much the Democrats despised both Bush AND Reagan, which is exactly how they treated Bush 43 and now Trump, only they ramp it up a few notches each time.

      Finally we have a Republican President that throws it back in the faces of the useless Socialist plus the media (redundant I know…).

      To the Über-Left, the only good Republican is a dead Republican, then they look back fondly at how civil he was as they light their torches, grab their pitchforks, vaginas and pre-printed posters while foaming at their screaming mouths about the incivility and violence of Conservatives, marching toward the next round of “How To Be A Million Airheads”.

      1. Tower Tone,

        That is a brilliant bit of wit you wrote. You’ve nailed it! Gentler Republicans have been like lambs to the slaughter of the whacked out “journalists” as they twist every gesture, phrase, and principle to suit their Fabian Socialistic takeover of what used to be a free country. Well done my man/woman!

    1. Check your US history: In 1992, I read, G. H.W. Bush pardoned six defendants in Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal. Reagan reignited US patriotism by invading little, defenseless Granada whose pres. was democratically elected with no shenanigans. Following the model of Ford’s pardon of Nixon, a lack of accountability for official public corruption was baked into the Republican conception of their government power. Bush chose Christmas Eve as the announcement time to cower from any blowback. And Democrat presidents refused to prosecute their criminal predecessors.

      1. Your irrational blind hate is all over this thread and out of control, totally inappropriate for this is neither the time or place for SELFISH hard feelings. It is a time for mourning and celebrating the life of a dedicated public servant who practiced duty and honor to his county, a career of patriotic service and always a kind loving caring decent family man. Not once have you said a kind word or wished the man eternal peace. The accolades are bi-partisan and world wide from foreign leaders particularly notable Merkle and Gorbachev thanking him for something they will never FORGET — ending the Cold War without firing a shot, the president’s greatest achievement. Sounds like you harbor a history of mental illness in your head and heart for the man. Try dipping your head in oil based paint up to your eyeballs and fall head first on the floor canvas — it may color your judgement and knock some sense into that thick skull…

  3. Always speak ill of dead bad men to memorialize their bad legacy for future generations especially if they were in positions of leadership.

    I lament the abrogation of justice that a successor president performed on the previous president. Clinton did not prosecute Herbert for his war crimes; Dubya did not prosecute Clinton for his war crimes; Obama did not prosecute Dubya for his gross war crimes; And Trump did not prosecute Obama for his war crimes.

    So I do not honor men performing bad deeds who started wars, invaded innocent nations, and destroyed economies as if they were entitled royalty but at least Trump got rid of the TPP, destroyed the Clinton Crime Family and the Bush Crime Family, and, most importantly for Apple enthusiasts, uses an iPhone.

  4. Even Sanders eulogized CIA Bush as if elected officials deserve the consideration and honor given to British royalty. This elected official does not deserve special honors because the gov. careerist was rewarded handsomely with a life-time pension entitlement as if he did a good job even though he did a bad job. If you are a Rightwinger, you deplore his raising of taxes while, if you are a Liberal, you deplore his invasions of Panama and Iraq, both innocent nations.

    I hope Musk does not release his polluting ashes into the stratosphere.

    1. George H.W. Bush deserves “consideration and honor” because he fought to preserve the liberty of idiot “artists” like you who, from what I’ve seen and heard, contribute nothing to the world except ignorant bile. Because of heroes like George H.W. Bush, you’re still free to babble wrongheaded, ill-considered inanity at every turn.

      1. I dangle my ballz into paint and then dangle them on the canvas. That’s how I do my art. My next painting will be a portrait of the great teabagger, Obama.

        Using my ballz is very appropriate and in no way racist. I get a real tingly feeling down there when I dips ma ballz into sweet lukewarm paint.


        JD, a

        1. Here… this is the person you should probably report as a possible danger to others, definitely put on the no fly list, and he should not be allowed to own firearms.

        2. How can somepne like you be allowed to walk freely in society….
          You should be locked up in a mental institution.
          I concur with TLM ..100%

          MDN… if anyone deserves to be banned ..this guy should definitely at the top of the list!!!

      1. No, Iraq did not invade the US. I did not say it did. Nobody said it did. If you imagine that you heard someone say that, I suspect you are mistaken.

        I said that it invaded Kuwait, which it obviously did. A coalition of 29 other countries (including the US) acting pursuant to specific authorization from the United Nations then threw them out. Saddam Hussain was left in place as President of Iraq and continued to kill and otherwise oppress his own people until long after George H.W. Bush had left office.

  5. I think the grief theater is a bit overdone, but I will give credit where it is due.

    He was a genuine war hero in WWII and the last of his generation to serve as President. In person he was gracious in that old money WASPish way that is now an endangered species. He also had enough sense to call supply side policy “voodoo economics” but sadly sold out to join Reagan’s team.

    On the bad side, he never came clean on Iran- Contra and pardoned those about to stand trial. His ill advised war in Iraq was unnecessary and his inept State Department pretty much invited Saddam in.

    The use of depleted uranium munitions has left a deep and long lasting legacy of birth defects, death and misery. His choice of siding with the ChiComms after Tiananmen Square threw a nascent democracy movement under the bus. The made for TV war in Panama was a wag the dog moment for sure.

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